Posted on February 28, 2019 by Doors Studio

The Marketing budget is especially precious if you have a small business. Also, many are apprehensive when it comes to new marketing and advertising techniques. We have seen a major shift in marketing and advertising over the past year and one of the things that gained momentum was PPC advertising.

What is PPC?

PPC is pay-per-click. This is basically a platform for online marketing. Here, the advertiser agrees to pay the search engine a specific amount every time his ad is clicked. So, basically, it is a way to buy visits to your website. This platform is very simple and straight forward. There are no hidden costs. You pay a search engine a pre-decided cost to list your ad in the top slots. Whenever your ad is clicked, you will pay the decided PPC cost to the search engine from your budget. Once the budget is exhausted, the search engine will stop your ads.

There are many advantages of PPC Ads that can be seen from the trends this past year and which will continue in this Year also. Some of them are listed below:

  • Brand Awareness :

When a brand starts implementing SEO, it takes time for their brand to be visible. Many combinations have to be done with the keywords and relevant content to get to the top of the results page. However, with PPC your business is visible instantly and that too to a relevant audience. According to the analysis done by Word stream, the top three ads on a search results page get 41% of clicks. 

People may be able to distinguish between ads and organic links on the search results page. But the results vary and findings show that 36%-50% of consumers usually fall for ads and fail to make out the difference between them and organic content.

  • Maximize ROI (Return On Investment) :

The amount you pay for a click may not hamper your budget. Also, if you pay $5 for a click but it results in a $200 business for you then you have gained much more than what you spent. So, your business has a chance to maximize its ROI and create full proof campaigns.

Also, you can revise the PPC budget according to your needs. It is a given that a small budget won’t get you returns and the search results depend on many things including keywords.

Also, PPC will provide you with an ROI higher than any other marketing technique.

  • Target Relevant Audiences by PPC Ads :

PPC is a targeted and ensured way of reaching your relevant audience. The PPC platform provides you access to many factors like location, demographics, time of day, keywords etc. This enables you to target your audience with precision.

There are many businesses that profit from advertising locally rather than on a global level. Google, in a study, found that almost 75% of online consumers prefer to visit stores that have relevant information in search results.

  • ReTargeting Ads

ReTargeting Ads can also be done which is nothing but targeting those customers that have already visited your business once. Showing them ads regularly may lead them to visit again when the need arises.

  • Generate Quality Leads with PPC Ads :

PPC is in the later stage of the marketing funnel when leads are more interested in results. Such an audience will click on the ad with the motive of getting a solution. According to Wordstream, people looking to “buy now" click paid ads 65% of the times. So, you should target this audience by adding relevant keywords like “buy now”, “who sells”, “best price”,  and “cheapest”. If you link your ads to your products you will see better results.

  • Drive Instant Traffic to Your Website :

This platform is one of the proven ones to bring immediate traffic to your site. Also, this platform can be setup easily and is not time-consuming at all. Also, you get conversion oriented traffic. Also, the amount of traffic generated depends on how much you’re ready to pay. This ensures that you get relevant traffic and also the amount of traffic that you can handle.

Qualified and relevant traffic is driven to your website. This also ensures a high conversion rate. A higher conversion rate also leads to good ROI.

Also, PPC helps SEO as it helps in ranking. The top PPC platforms are Google, Facebook, Instgram, Yahoo and then Bing. The largest advertisers are Google Ads with a holding of 37.2% of the digital advertising market and Facebook Ads with 19.6% of the digital advertising market.

Advertisers are now looking towards Bing for advertising instead of keeping all their ads on Google.

Conclusion :

We can safely say that PPC Ads Strategy . it is good to add it to your marketing strategy. PPC along with quality SEO Services can boost your business if used efficiently. Like with everything, these strategies are constantly changing and evolving. As long as you keep up with this change and strategize accordingly there is no looking back.