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How a website's UX Design help to increase the maximum conversion rate?

How a website's UX Design help to increase the maximum conversion rate? - Doors Studio

What is so integral to your website?

A question you must ask and keep on asking when you look at your website.

It is UX. Not only is it the backbone but it covers every aspect of your website, from SEO to Customer Service! But to analyze your UX, there are a lot of factors you have to keep in mind since the digital space is dynamic and predicting user’s behavior is a tricky task But before hitting that topic, let’s talk about what is UX in the first place.

1.    What is UX?

UX stands for User experience which means that the interaction of your user has with your website and their response to it.

There are several factors that influence a website’s UX, naming few like Website Design, Form Design and so on.

UX is important because it is directly proportional to the desirability of your website by the user. 

If the UX is of poor quality, you will see higher bounce rates and lower ranking of your website.

On top of it, the expectations to build a rapport with your user goes downhill and the brand loses interaction with the user, for which the whole website is established in the first place.

Improving the experience over the website becomes essential to create a seamless relationship between the user and the product/service.

2.    Why UX is important?

“Businesses need to drastically change to deliver value for users earlier, faster, and more clearly.”
Caio Braga & Fabricio Teixeira , UX Design Experts

The statement above clearly explains the dynamic nature of the user and websites need to keep up with that.

Over the Internet, people expect speed and if not delivered they get frustrated.

Their disinterest in your website because of slow page load time, difficult navigation or any product backlog could create trouble for you.

There are other things which come under the radar of a good UX like:

  • Content: Visual and Written
  • Proof like customer reviews, ratings and recommendations
  • Unnecessary steps or landing pages

The main reason of UX being dominant is the factor that it helps you understand your audience, they expectations, needs and aspirations from your product particularly.

3.    Can UX lead to better conversions?

We have been talking about how important UX is and an determinant in knowing the user as well. From there, a conclusion also comes that if used properly, it can lead to conversions as well for those who visit your website.

  • Call to Action Button

Your website is definitely offering a service, product or information which you want your visitors to consume.

It could be to sign up for blogs, or download an app, or for starting a trial.

If they are not clearly mentioned or place on a website, you lose your first leverage over your visitor.

They visit your website and left without noticing or maybe ignored that call to action button.

The CTA must have a distinct identity when come to color, style and format.

If you have websites which lot of pages, so it should be almost on all of them to create an impression and easy accessibility.

  • 404 Errors

Who likes 404 written on their screens when they are in rush? NO ONE.

The most annoying and saturating moment it could be for a user to see a Error 404 page when they are in middle of either switching to a new page or navigating to find an important information.

This will just lead them to find a better website. NO KIDDING!

Understood that it is difficult to avoid these 404 errors but there are few things you can add in your strategy to make the process smoother and even, avoid them if lucky!

  • Keep a lookout for 404 error pages and get them fix them as soon as you come across them.
  • You can personalize these 404 error messages rather than stating plain 404 Error pop out to the visitor.
  • Jazz it up, make it look fancy, have a interesting visual which take people by surprise and actually make them smile or laugh, rather being grumpy for angry!
  • With a personalize message, also add assurance that you will look after the problem and be fixing it soon.
  • Authentic Content

Your content is what will differentiate you from your competitor, therefore, make sure every type of content which you use is authentic and fresh.

The first type of content you will find getting repeatitive are images. The reason being everyone using stock photos!

Stock may be good, with great resolution and aesthetic but by the end of the they are accessible to the number of people you can’t even count.

Therefore, use more original images, invest in a great photo shot which fetch you actual unique content! 

  • Page Loading Time

You really don’t want to mess with the patience level of your visitors.

Internet and Cyber space is all about fast pace of information and data consumption, therefore you must work on optimizing your website so that it doesn’t take much time to load whenever somebody visits.

If your website is taking more than 2 seconds to load, than it is a red flag.

Focus on your images having high resolution, Java Scripts and so on which might be making your website heavy.

The optimization should focus both desktop and mobile phones.

Both are rapidly used for browsing, mobile phones a little more probably, therefore, you need to give your attention accordingly.

Maintaining UX isn’t just about all the content alone which you can use but the elements along with them that you play with which makes the whole experience pleasant.

By the end of the day, a wholesome website is one which gives out information in an interactive way and engage the visitors when they do so.

Therefore, make your website more about what people want to see and expect from your product / service or amaze them with your vivid ideas, so that they are hooked to you and your website and that will be the UX which will take your business right into the lives of people and let you have desired conversions.

By Doors Studio
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