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Every social media platform is so stressful. You are expected to maintain a feed, a social life, and varied interests just to be trendy and ‘relevant’ enough for the platform. This is leading to an environment that leads absolutely no space and scope for you being real on the platform. 

Though you can be if you are not much affected about what goes on there but let’s face it, we are also so much consumed by the trends and effort to follow them that it gets unnerving to not give much thought about all this, peer-pressure can do that to you. But there must be a way out from all this, isn’t it? Well, there is.

While going through a light-hearted blog on Hubspot, we came across this term- FINSTA. It is an acronym for the full form, FAKE INSTAGRAM. At the sight of it, you will feel that it isn’t just against the motion of being more real over. Don’t judge this book by its cover, now will you?

Everything aside, what is FINSTA? Well, it is about creating a real account, with real followers, just when it comes to the content, the whole thing gets real. Why it is called fake, for the reason being it goes against the conventional form of Instagram feed, wherein a person feels at ease and free enough to share and express the real side of their life. Here the pressure of being on-fleek is absolutely null and you can be goofy, sarcastic and totally unfiltered about yourself and your life.

But then again, you have to picky about who you want in this group and not. You can maintain an ideal Instagram life elsewhere where different strangers, your not so close friend, colleagues, distinct relatives and everyone you don’t want to show your real side, and prefer them knowing you through a certain filter, this ain’t a bad idea.

The catch is, this account must be not that popular and you have to keep it private as well. 

There have been a lot of changes on the platforms although. Instagram is soon to do away with the number of likes and it has recently also removed the activity tab where in your activity was earlier open to anyone and everyone if your profile is public and only to your friends if it was a private account, but the catch was you have to follow this person first to know about their moves. This might change the fundamental things like the need to have a maximum number of likes or certain number of followers, but the validation and acceptance you get for having a certain style in your feed still prevails.

This account could like that slam book where your friends and you together could be whoever you actually are and can be any level of crazy, without people having an opinion and you weighed down with any such thing as to be a Perfect Instagram Human Being. Until we can have space where being ordinary is accepted, FINSTA could your option to be you and real over social media.

By Doors Studio

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