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LET’S BLOG: A BLOG - Doors Studio

Let’s talk about writing a blog while writing a blog, got the irony here? 

Enough messing around, let’s know about how to actually write a blog which is crisp, readable and appealing to your readers. 

We understand that writing a blog could be tedious, from picking a topic, to research and finally penning down the thoughts, the process could be quite lengthy and tiresome. 

Over that, the pressure of writing a blog that actually reaches your audience in true sense is also a worry which shadows you. 

Let’s see how can the whole rendezvous be both fun and enriching for you and your readers.

But first, we should know a little bit about how and why you need blogging for your business before actually delving into how it is to be written.

1.    Problem solvers aka Saviours

No one accidentally lands up on your blog, to be honest. It is a sweet game of visitor on a lookout for the information with keywords on their search engine and you, having that information. Your blogs aren’t going in vain, whatsoever. People out there are in due need of that information which you are circulating, that is why you are writing about it and several other portals as well.

2.    SEO: Search Engine Optimization

That SEO of your needs solid blogging to back you up when all you aspire for is higher search ranking. Your right use of keywords along with informative content can bring a lot of traffic to your website and push your ranking high up in the SEO game. But pressure always isn’t to have all the keywords used cumbersomely but effectively so that the intent of the blog along with the SEO of the website, all could be maintained.

3.    Comprehensive 

Information is the inception of any blog but too much information can put your reader off and they leave the blog half-read. You don’t want that, definitely not. Here as well, just like in SEO, you have to strike a balance between in-depth information and keep the interest of your reader balanced. If information is too much, it can bore the reader who is usually there to know about the topic with no prior knowledge. If the fun quotient is too much, then the reader who seeks serious information from your blog will leave unsatisfied. Hence, strike a balance!

Now comes the tough part, WRITING THAT BLOG!

It could be overwhelming having to look at the blank screen and to think from where and how to start that blog. You could have the information and WiFi with full speed but that cursor blinking infinitely could be daunting. The idea is to just not be backed with information but the execution of it as well. Therefore, an outline is needed to break the jinx of that blank sheet in front of you. An outline will:

  • Take the edge off (Of course)
  • Makes you more organized when coming to the information
  • Channels your thought process
  • Doesn’t overwhelm you during the process
  • A streamlined approach always work

But how to actually pick a format? Let’s find out!

There are always a few typical, go-to blogs you will find over the internet, but have you ever been observational enough to understand the pattern they are following? Yes/No? Whatever your answer, regardless, let’s see what you have or haven’t missed while crawling through these blog formats.

  • The most common kind is “Listicles”. For e.g. 5 tips or 10 reasons why you will find plenty of them crowding the internet. They are called listicles for the very reason that they are information provided in the form of a list.
  • Then comes the “How-to blogs” which like the name says talk about how to deal with a certain issue while both explaining the issue and the solution for the same.
  • Last, but not least, come to the Q&A based blogs where in a question is what is the heading of the blog and later in the blog, the question is answered.

Meanwhile, we have delved into the formats, let’s go a little deeper and other important aspects of a blog one must focus on while writing one.

  • Headlines with a Punch

Headlines are a doorway to your blog, hence it is needed that they are catchy enough to gauge the reader’s attention so that they are compelled to look through the blog to actually see what is there inside. 

As per the statistics, 60% of people shared the blogs with catchy headlines, even without reading the blog, but the headline was so self-explanatory that they couldn’t stop themselves, as that mirrored exactly what is there inside the blog which they find worth sharing. You create the first impression with the blog’s headline even before the reader could decide whether they have to read the blog or have any opinion about it as well.

  • Proofread your content

It is very important how you are presenting your content in front of your reader. You don’t want the reader to have this perception that you were not through with what you presented them with because that will create a lack of trust on the content you are showcasing, along with that there is a sense of unpleasantly which gets attached with the content as well, which turns off the reader. Spell check, grammar check, alignment along with that adequate para breaks are also necessary to have a presentable look for your content.

  • The blog should be “Scroll-Friendly”

A nice blog is also the ones that tip the reader off to other paras seamlessly without even making an effort, but the effort has definitely made but on a very subtle note. It is done smartly yet consciously to make the reader go all to the end of the blog and if not read entirely, but spend more time than expected. It could be making the paras smaller, adding more subtexts and subheading while breaking the humongous information into readable and delightful pieces, which gives ease of action and flow in the way your blog is read.

  • SEO yet again

An old telltale where the content got jeopardized because of poor SEO. Therefore, you must first have a thorough keyword check before you can actually start writing your blog so that beforehand only you narrow them down and decide what mix of keywords are not only suitable for the blog but also for the SEO at the same time.

Blogging is worth your time even if it is tiring or lengthy when comes to being a process. It is that one service you don’t charge your visitor, it is a VAS information you add to your website so that your reader gets to know you as a business, and also the product and the queries which revolve around it.

The website traffic it generates helps you with not only leads but conversions as well. It is an invaluable skill to know how to blog because whichever business you wish to take online, it’s ranking is boasted only because of the blogs you feature and market through SEO, which is a free service, for your information. Therefore, it is necessary to make the process interesting for yourself while writing a blog keeping in mind all the good things it will bring to you and your reader.

By Doors Studio

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