Posted on March 19, 2019 by Doors Studio

It is a known fact that a high rank on a search engine like Google takes you places. In fact, good SEO gives a very high Return on Investment(ROI).

And yet we see that most of the e-commerce websites give little or no consideration to their sites SEO. They are rather more focussed on paid ads and social media.

I am not saying that those are not good options, they’re definitely great, but SEO can give you similar if not more returns with minimum expense.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting up with your e-commerce website or have been at it since some time now, there are a few tips that will take you a long way in improving your website’s SEO.

I will provide some strategies and tactical tips to help you get to that coveted #1 title.

Its high time you think of Mobiles

Many companies tend to put their mobile sites on the back burner, but here are some statistics that may wake you up if you are one of them.

  1.  According to Pew, 2012, as many as 31% of internet users tend to use their phones to access the internet.
  2.  As many as 61% of customers switch to a competitor site in case of mobile unfriendly site experience. (IAB)
  3. According to a Google survey in 2011, as many as a whopping 58% of users expect fast and quickly loading mobile sites.

So, it is safe to say that mobiles cannot be ignored anymore. User habits have evolved so much that there are internet users who have never accessed a website using a computer/laptop. Also, the number of such users is increasing by the day.

Even web development has evolved,and the need to create separate sites for every device has vanished.

Responsive website design has paved the way for creating single website for multiple devices. This is great for e-commerce companies.

Reduce The Load Time :

These are the times of fast- everything. The patience of people is running thin, andpeople don’t tend to stick around if your site doesn’t open quickly.

And the even bigger problem is that if they have this experience once, they’re more than likely to never return to the site again.

This research proves this fact and states that 40% of people tend to leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

This should definitely not be a reason for you to lose your customers. This analysis can be seen in the below image also:

There are many places available to test the speed of your site. There are many ways to reduce load time like reducing the image and file sizes, increasing the server space and many more.

You need to analyze what is making your site slow and work on it.

On-page SEO and Keywords :

This includes making sure that you have all the right keywords placed correctly where they matter. This is what helps you appear at the top of a search query result.

According to SEMRush, e-commerce websites should focus on images and reviews. As seen in the results of the survey below, reviews rank number 1.

The strategic placement of keywords on your page is going to help it rank. Also, it needs to be placed where it is meaningful.

The keywords need to appear on Page Titles, Meta Title and Description, Product Descriptions, subheaders, image file names and their alt tags, URLs and paragraph copy.

Even the URL’s that you create should be user-friendly and must contain your relevant keyword.

Nothing can contain random and meaningless words as this is what will give you a high CTR (click through rate) as a high CTR is what will give you a high Google rank.

Make your website user-friendly :

This is one of the most important aspects which also tends to be sidelined. A fast site with all relevant information neatly placed provides a wholesome user experience.

The more intuitive your site is the user is more likely to stick and spend on it. E-commerce sites should have good reviews, product descriptions that give relevant information to users which gives them more reasons to keep visiting your site again and again.

Conclusion :

The ways to get traffic are limited, social media, paid ads, emails,and search. It is the search traffic that gives you the most reliable and relevant traffic.

E-commerce SEO is the key to getting hundreds of visitors. Even a Quality SEO services can give you very good returns,and it doesn’t even cost much.

The most important reason for you to start SEO is sales. When done right, SEO can do marvels to your sales figures.

The one thing to remember is that SEO is constantly evolving and you need to keep working on it.

Google also keeps updating its algorithm so you also need to keep up. With proper time and dedication, SEO will do wonders to your sales and number of visitors.