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The right amount will take you to heaven, or even higher

Pay per click marketing is another great way to advertise your product or services to the viewers very efficiently. Since it comes up only when a person searches something in same category, it pin points the targeted audience who are, essentially, prospective buyers. Hence, every click becomes meaningful, unlike the click of organic traffic.

As the name suggests, the Pay per Click is a paid option for the brands that are willing to pay for the sponsored ads placed at the top of a Google search page. When you choose pay per click option, your advertisement is perceived as more credible and your brand, more reliable. This increases the interest of the customer, and each time one of such advertisements is clicked, the advertiser pays small fees to the search engine, which is little price to pay to have a targeted audience.

PPC has many benefits for its users:

  1. Being more reliable, it attracts more people.
  2. Targeting right people at right time becomes effortless.
  3. Advertisements can be targeted at global level or a local level, according to the regions, countries, or cities. Users can also set a distance radius for their advertisement.
  4. Payments are made only for the click, which ensures that the user is paying only for the webpage visits, nothing else.
  5. Since it costs very less per click, the user can begin with PPC, literally, from any amount.
  6. The proportion of gaining profits by sale to paying price for ad spot is huge.

As an authorized PPC advertising agency, we avail a prospect for our clients to advertise through this paid marketing channel and make their business fly-high with great returns. There are two types of PPC, viz.

  • Flat Rate PPC in which you pay a fixed sum for each click, and
  • Bid Based PPC, in which bidding is done among the competitors, whoever wins the bid, bags the ad spot; like, for Google advertisers, whoever has highest Google AdRank (CPC Bid multiplied by Quality Score), wins.

Both are workable options, according to your business needs and competitors. But bid-based PPC is more dynamic and new, as opposed to old and rigid Flat Rate PPC. Bid-based PPC gives an opportunity to new start-ups to put across their well-formed ads and save a lot of money if they win the spot. The key to win the bid lies with

  1. targeting the customer, and
  2. keyword oriented precisely drafted advertisement

PPC is highly successful because users find the advertisements for exactly what they are searching for, and it gives an opportunity for advertisers to connect with potential customers at lowest possible prices and generate multifold sales from minimal investment.

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