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Need to know - Tactics of New SEO Services vs Old SEO Services

SEO is the procedure through which the written part of your website is redesigned for facilitating communication between the data present on your website and the search tools. In On Page SEO - Code, Internal links to the page, All meta data, Alt tag with images and the outline all play a massive role on how your website is received by all the search platforms. The more popular or simpler long tail keywords you have put on your site, the more beneficial it is for you.

Tactics you can use to improve your SEO Ranking

  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Choosing keywords or phrases that are more relevant
  • Regular Content Upgrade
  • Publish content that are relevant to the primary keywords
  • Focus on creating strong inter links within the text on your website
  • Put alt tags below your video or image content.

The Changing Face of SEO

Putting the right Keywords was thought to be the right approach towards SEO building. It is believed that incorporating a lot of keywords helps build the SEO of your website. What actually happening is that search engines are recognizing this keyword adding approach as “Keyword stuffing”.
When this starts happening, the search engines start identifying you as a spammer.

For fixing this recurring problem, instead of stuffing keywords you should include the keywords in a natural way. The required keywords should flow in your writing, in such a way that it looks organic. And not forced.

When you write a blog for your website your main focus should be on “what matters to your readers” rather than just including keywords or phrases between the lines.

How can my website be visible on Major Search Engines?

How can you make your site stand apart from the other competitive players? How can you get maximum visits without cashing out a penny on promotions or campaigns? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will do this for you. Our Indian Search Engine Optimization Company can help your website get one of the top rankings on various search engines. When a visitor searches for something specific on the search engine the term is also known as a keyword. The aim of a SEO is to optimize your site in such a manner that all the content posted on your site is relevant to all of the search engines, with special focus on keywords.

Doors Studio can aid you to augment the position of your website and make it one among the most searched for website in its respective field.

With our awesome SEO plan we can assist you to upgrade your ranking level on the topmost search engines, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Bing amongst others. SEO is essential for any kind of business to exist in the highly competitive online scenario of today.

What is the right time to start SEO for a new website?

The apt time to begin a (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is right at the launching period. Once your website has been launched Google crawls your website resulting in to getting the first placement. Another right time to get begin is as soon as possible!.The most interesting part about strategy is that your website will start with a strong ranking right at its beginning of its formation, but this will not be the deciding factor.

Wait a second - Why Your SEO Rankings dropped and What to Do About It?

One of the benefits of having a SEO specialist with you is that they know what works, what doesn't and what can be done to help you get more visibility on the web. Sometimes being on the top of the 2nd page is better than being on the bottom of the 1st page. By the time they get to the base of the first webpage, your page visitor is bored of watching at results that are not relevant to him, so what will he do? He goes to the second or third page and tries again as a result. And who's on that second page? Why, it's your site! Exactly! where you want it.

We all most probably known what SEO is, but what exactly does Search Engine Optimization stand for? SEO, simply put are tools and techniques that assist in getting your website top ranking during organic search results.

SEO has the capability of making your website more visible to the person who searches for brands, products or services through search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Title tags, keywords, image tags, internal link structure, and inbound links are some of the few tools and techniques that if used strategically can boost your website SEO, but these are just some of them.

But apart from these factors, there are other factors as well that influence the SEO of a website.

The design, structure and behavioral patterns of the website are essential factors, while working on the SEO of a website in an overall manner.

How can SEO help you?

86% of online users feel that that using a search engine permits them to discover something new or important each day, thereby increasing their knowledge. It is said that Businesses that have websites comprising of 401-1000 pages attract 6x more leads than websites having 51-100 pages.

Gone are the days of advertising in Yellow Pages and Magazines was a norm, since SEO generates more business referrals than any Yellow Page Advertising.

Currently Search Engines are used by people to search for products or services they are searching for. For this, they fill the appropriate keywords in to search engines like Bing, Yahoo or You Tube. On doing this, the search engines display sites based on ranking and authority.

At Doors Studio we help your website get ranked at the top of the search engine hierarchy. This increases the chances of people clicking and visiting your website.

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