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Website Redesigning Services in Delhi & Goa


Give your Website more than just a fresh coat of paint, give it a whole new look!

From making sure that the visitor likes what they see to making them stay a little longer, we assure your website never lacks in the looks and functionality department.


Website Redesign refreshes the online presence of your website and subsequently leads to more conversions. Redesigning your websites involves a great deal of thought, time and money to invest, but the returns can be immense. At Doors Studio we fully assist you in redesigning your webpage according to the current market trends.

Website Redesign does not necessarily mean to change the entire graphic design features or icons. The procedure of website redesign can also comprise of making some functional alterations that helps your website work better. After all your website is the fundamental element to your marketing strategy, isn’t it?


  • You should think clearly when you decide to redesign your website. Lead generation should take the forefront when website redesign is what you are aiming at. Think ahead of your times, say one year ahead or where do you want to see your website in the next six months.
  • Learn to protect the essential elements that you have created on your website, before you make a decision on website redesigning. Content, blogs, keywords and inbound links are some of the important assets that primarily make your website.
  • Do a complete market analysis on where you’re competitors are headed. This will help you analyze your standing in comparison with them. For a more thorough analysis, you must definitely go through the content, blogs, video, keywords and content offers of your competitor’s website. This gives you an idea, regarding the areas that your website might be lacking.
  • Make a website redesign Plan once you have researched and gathered all the necessary information. This plan will thereafter act as a blueprint for your website redesigning venture.
  • Always focus on the creation of quality Content, since it is the most neglected area during the process of website redesigning. Keep on creating content in sync with planning for the website design. This way along with producing quality content, you can even test this content with the site design.

Benefits of redesigning your website

  • Builds trust and credibility with search engines
  • To Achieve customer reliability
  • Helps in Better Exposure
  • Gets More clicks
  • Enhances User Experience
  • Better Security
  • Increased Loading Speed
  • Improved Sales

Is website redesigning cost effective?

With Website redesign involving massive programming, the cost is sure to climb up. At Doors Studio we give you world class website redesigning services at perfectly affordable rates. Even with technological developments, it is not an easy task to match a powerful framework.

We would love you to take a look at our website and discuss your needs and requirements with us. You can call us for a free quotation! On +91-9999234245.