Posted on November 29, 2018 by Doors Studio

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to success in the World Wide Web. Every website aims to get featured in the top ranking pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One of the most important points to remember here is that it is not a way to get rich quickly.

Black Hat SEO tactics produce short-term results and once the search engine detects that the site is cheating by using incorrect information, it gets deleted.

Here are 12 Steps to Plan SEO for Your Business or Start-up :

Step 1: Content is The King :

 Source : https://bit.ly/2Q0o60D

The main ingredient for SEO is the Content and Gurus believe that Content is the king. It is an important tool for the promotion of the new business. The website should feature factual, impressive, and informative content to get the desired organic results. It should be readable as the body of the content is read by the users.

Step 2: Use Keywords after proper research. Long tail keywords are highly preferred :


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Make use of the keywords which can feature in the ranking pages. Use a tool to perform the keyword research to understand the kind of keywords which get the best visibility in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Industry-specific keywords have the power to fetch better results.

Step 3: Be Sure of The Technical SEO :

Take care of the technical SEO which has Crawling, Site Migration, Rendering, Indexing, Site Structure, Structured data, SSL, Page Speed, Canonicalization, Mobile/User friendly etc., for your website.  Do not create content which is duplicated or copied. Ensure that the search engine friendly code is created to get fruitful results. WordPress has plugins and the technical side of the CMS is easy. Other forms of CMS are also very popular.

Step 4: Take insights from competitor’s website :

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Take some time to thoroughly go through the competitor’s site which is already featuring in the SERP. This should be considered as an important step as it helps to understand their strategy. The idea is not to copy but only take useful insights and inculcate the same tactics to create SEO which can develop desired results.

Step 5: Content should be useful and informative :

Source : https://bit.ly/2U1k7iG
Provide highly useful content which covers articles, videos, webinars, how-to-guides, lists, and live chats. Include images and videos in the website as these are factors which can attract traffic to the website.

Step 6: On-Page SEO :

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Take care of the on-page SEO factors like URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and imagetags. The meta content can be upgraded using the best practices. Marketing Grader is very helpful in locating on-site issues and thus can be upgraded. Individual pages of the site can be optimized by indulging in On-Page SEO and this helps in getting traffic for the site.

Step 7: Link-Building :

Source : https://bit.ly/2BFXedq

Link-building also plays a pivotal role in getting SEO. The simple fact is that if no other site is linking with your site, then Google has no reason to recognize or link with your site. The higher is the quality of the backlinks, the higher is the possibility of ranking in Google.

Step 8: Take care of the Geometrics :

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Getting listed in the local, national, and niche directory of websites is very important so that the company can be found easily by the users. the mobile activity of the users is also very high. Google My Business profile of the companies should be complete which allows users to track the companies as per the geographical location. Optimize the page with the local tags like city, state and postal code.

Step 9: Security of the websites and the carrier :

Source : https://bit.ly/2PYmu7k

The websites should have a secured channel. The unencrypted websites are insecure. The method of fixing is very simple. it takes few hours to get the SSL Certificate and things get back on track.

Step 10: Link the website with the Social Media Networking Sites :

Source : https://bit.ly/2zw49Ek

Do take care of the Social Media Networking linking with the websites as this is also an important step to the creation of SEO. The time spent by the users on the Social Media Networking sites is increasing by the day which puts the channel at a significant standing. Embedding the link in the website for the respective social media profile of the company can be a significant step.

Step 11: Constantly evaluate the content :

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Engage content evaluation tactic as one of the major tools for the SEO. Constant evaluation of the SEO perspective and social sharing has to be performed. Web Analytics play an essential role in this regard.

Step 12: Take help of the expert :

Source : https://bit.ly/2DOqK26

Last but not least; involve  an expert who understands the world of SEO  to figure out the best tactics to get the optimized results.

Changes and improvements do not happen overnight. But making use of the correct tactics and path can definitely ensure the expected results. To bring the desired SEO for the websites, indulgence in the above-mentioned pointers can be highly beneficial for the new businesses or the start-ups.