Posted on April 5, 2022 by Doors Studio

E-commerce marketing is the process of increasing traffic to your business, converting that traffic into determining sales, and marketing your brand's visibility to the general public while also vanishing the physical barriers. A successful e-commerce marketing strategy includes:

  1. E-commerce SEO - Boosting your brand’s online visibility over the search engine’s ranking pages in order to gain more traffic.
  2. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) - Keen observation of percentages, benchmarks, and averages on your company site.
  3. Integrated digital ads - It can successfully drive goal-crushing business growth and awareness to the huge masses.

As sectors and audiences change, so should your marketing strategy. To obtain the best ROI rates, your marketing approach must grow along with the sectors and audiences. With optimized product listings, increased market search ranks, high ROAS, and low CAC, a well-defined set of marketing strategies can be built to acquire new users and boost your income effectively. The following points should be considered in order to build a resourceful e-commerce website:

  • Conduct extensive research on your business sector
  • Consider the competition so that you can stand out with effective interaction rates.
  • Keep an eye on your e-commerce website development budget
  • Create an MVP(Minimum viable product)
  • Establish your brand and develop a fulfilling content strategy
  • Pay attention to the target audience's needs in order to gain their interest and potential interaction.

Let’s have a look at the most popular e-commerce platforms of 2022:
1.    Shopify
- It is the premier e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. This platform is great for merchants who are starting their online store or transitioning their physical store into an online one. Shopify serves 175 countries with over 1 million business clients. It is a user-friendly platform that includes a variety of capabilities. With Shopify, you can set up and arrange your products, track your supply, optimize your organic search, and configure shipping costs and methods.
2.    BigCommerce- It was founded in 2009. BigCommerce is a high-end hosted e-Commerce system that enables business owners to create an online store, configure it to their taste, and sell a limitless amount of physical, digital, or service-based products. Big Commerce does not necessitate the purchase of web hosting or the installation of software on your computer. It has a variety of customizable templates to assist you in designing your online businesses. 
3.    Weebly- It is a freemium website creation and web hosting service founded in 2006. It is a strong contender in the realm of online website builders. Weebly is a convenient site builder with a free option that allows you to construct and publish visually appealing, responsive design websites, blogs, and online marketplaces.
4.    WooCommerce-  It is a shopping cart plugin that is open source and free. This hosting is used in more than 30% of online retailers. It is crucial for firms that currently have a limited budget. It has various features such as mobile optimization, coupons, geolocation support, a calculator, shipping options, and discounts. You may always expand the functionality by utilizing external tools such as shipping tracking software, drop shipping software, and other logistics software solutions.
5.    Squarespace- It is an all-in-one platform for quickly creating a stunning online presence. Squarespace is a web design and hosting firm based in the United States that was launched in 2003. It has the best email marketing tools, domain name registration, social media integration, appointment tools, and so on. Squarespace prioritizes great template designs for its users.
6.    Wix- It is an Israeli software company that is concerned with user experience, which is evident from their website’s homepage to the site editor itself. Wix has 180 million users from over 80 countries and provides exceptional simplicity and functionality. Wix ADI(Artificial Design Intelligence) features were released in June 2016 to help with the site design process. The users may utilize online drag and drop tools to construct HTML 5 websites and mobile webpages. 

What is custom development?

Custom development entails creating an e-commerce solution that is unique to each firm and is based on a thorough examination of business requirements. It is an effective method for developing online stores. It focuses on a specific set of criteria in contrast with commercial off-the-shelf software(COTS). It is proven that custom development has an appreciable impact on your business.
One of the most crucial things you should do before starting the e-commerce web development process is to thoroughly study and investigate your sector. 

Benefits of e-commerce development-

1.    Increased conversions and lower bounce rates
You will be able to better please your clients with a personalized e-commerce service, resulting in greater conversions and increased customer loyalty while also deeply understanding consumer behavior.
2.    Improved search engine optimization
Off-the-shelf e-commerce services are designed for the public, having general SEO features that are not tailored to a certain brand or business. It will also majorly assist you in achieving a higher ranking and splendid visibility. You can expertly manage your SEO demands and other digital marketing factors for your sector with a tailored package.
3.    Handling unique procedures
When a customer utilizes an e-commerce platform, they may encounter multiple front-end and back-end requirements such as checkout, payment choices, customer support, and other features. 
4.    Connection to your company
For effective performance, the e-commerce platform may require combining your business model and e-commerce marketing plan. It is possible only with a customized e-commerce platform. 
5.    Get quick and easy updates
Your e-commerce site’s old technology can cause it to crash. You will be able to successfully update to the latest technology with a customized e-commerce site, providing your customers with improved performance and functionalities.
6.    Create an attractive appearance
Photos of exceptional quality, a fantastic user interface, a seamless checkout process, and other key features will allow you to tailor the overall appearance and feel of the your-commerce site on your device be it laptop, PC, mobile, and so on.

Cost savings, access to global expertise and cutting edge technology, flexibility, increased emphasis on key company activities, and enhanced productivity are all the main reasons to outsource custom e-commerce website development services.

Your e-commerce website development budget
Your website’s features and style are entirely determined by your budget. When you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, you can estimate the amount of time you’ll need to develop the task and the number of experts you’ll need in a team to complete it. Keep these considerations in mind, while estimating the overall website pricing:
1.    E-commerce developer rates and team size
2.    Front-end and back-end development
3.    The complexity of web architecture
4.    Domain name
5.    Website hosting
6.    SSL certificate and PCI compliance costs
7.    UI/UX development
8.    Website maintenance
9.    SEO optimization
10.  The amount of time taken in the development
11.  The number of third-party integrations such as PayPal payment integrations, notification & pop-ups integrations, social media API, CRM, and Stripe 

Doors Studio has complete competence in digital marketing and e-commerce website development with a strong desire to thoroughly understand the client’s business.  We have a team that knows e-commerce and is well-versed in the needs of the target audience.
Here, your e-commerce website will dominantly stand out as we input the creativity with a significant touch of originality. We put down exactly what your vision is for your e-commerce business in order to design the marketing strategy for it and build a compelling online presence for your business that meets your audience’s expectations and entices them to convert. Whether on a local or worldwide scale, Doors Studio is well-positioned to provide strategic, growth-oriented, and resourceful services to you!