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Instagram is growing and brimming with a lot of opportunities. But all of us are aware of this now and everybody is taking up and claiming their space in the realm. 

Challenge now is that an algorithm that is a pivotal part of Instagram is also making it difficult to break down that perfect formula for it. Truth bomb? 

There is no perfect formula but permutation and combination of a lot of ideas altogether to conquer this emerging platform.

When people fuss and in detail talk about the perfect timing to post on Instagram, the stress is not otherwise, but very much valid.

The time, day and what niche your account is about plays an important in the decision of when and how one must post. 

Usually, 2-3 PM CDT is the ideal time and Thursday, the ideal day in which a lot of time cap is good for a post, for e.g. 3 PM, 5 AM, 7 AM, 11 AM & 4 PM as well!

If you think very diligently, your mood and schedule are what directly affects as to when, why and how you will be using your social media platform. 

Well, not everything could be analyzed as human behavior and habits are vast in their own ways, therefore, the trick is to pick up the common habits like Monday Blues, Midweek crisis and Weekend vibes. Like this, what time of the day also could be segregated. 

Morning can generate high response because these days people generally wake and the first thing they do is scroll their mobile phones. 

Likewise, during the office, school or college hours which are generally from 12 PM - 6 PM standard CDT, we can expect less traffic as people are busy, but lunch breaks like 1 PM - 3 PM could be a good time to post as well, because it is when people are relaxing, midday into their schedule.

As said in the start, it is a lot about using different time-related strategies to actually figure out the right one to continue for a long time. But, again, the strategies you use needs improvisation and up-gradation as per the trend at that particular point of time.

Few ways in which you can figure out the best time to post on Instagram:

  • You can utilize the tips given above and create different strategies as per your product/service. But the catch is to keep improvising and updating your strategy. Don’t let stagnancy take over the plan. The idea is to keep beating the algorithm.
  • The other tricks are using hashtags and tagging relevant people or businesses, in sync to the brand. You can use up to 30 hashtags so, use a good 20 combination which is of general hashtags around the product having good reach (you will know this as Instagram intimates you about the number of people using that particular hashtag).
  • You can use designated tools as well for the same. There are few to name, like Sprout Social, Later, Hubspot; they do the scheduling and planning as per your Instagram. They eliminate the hit and trial pattern, and with the intellect of highly functional software, they analyze your audience, timing, and their dynamic behavior.
  • It also depends on the type of audience and area you are in. Dynamics change as per the city, country, and continent you are in as well. Let’s see how we have to use these dynamics when it comes to Indian subcontinent i.e. India, to be exact.

Being in India, we are subjected to a lot of festivals and due to globalization, we are now celebrating almost every festival, important dates, and other related things. Such occasions are the best way to create content which is relevant to the audience at that moment. 

Leveraging them is also a part of this process and an example as to how time, day and mood could be integrated and if done correctly can generate great results for your Instagram platform.

To get into more details like what time of the day and day is important when comes to posting on Instagram is India, a report from Sprout Social gives statistics that goes like:

  • Monday between 1 pm to 3 pm and after 7 pm
  • Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.
  • Thursday at 5:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and between 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Friday at or after 3 pm.

If we compare it with the CDT zone, the behavior of the timeline, like the time of day and day is almost on similar lines. 

We can see Thursday still being the best day having a lot of time caps to post, topping this list and other, proving that it is indeed the best day to post if you like to fetch desirable and favorable reach for your Instagram post.

But social media by the end of the day is a fun place to put yourself and your business forward to create a Brand. Along with this, content should be your prime focus as good content will not go unnoticed. With it, being consistent, engaging and upbeat with the trends is another way to up your Instagram page.

To add on, analytics are there to help you with a good reach, not mental stress. So, sole purpose is not to keep up with them all the time and to measure success and failure accordingly, as there is not one-shot formula, so never let analytics take over the success you have earned so far be sabotaged and diluted. 

Another important thing is to create relationships and community along with importance much important to analytics because the only thing they show is the pattern and behavior of those people. 

If you have command and connections, bonds and relationships within the community then they will automatically lift your brand as high chances are that these people are your existing or potential customers and their loyalty with the brand is your leverage to create a successful Instagram Presence.

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Vanshikha Kanojia is a prolific writer at Doors Studio and has been writing professionally since five years. Being a true Millennial at heart, she is inclined towards Digital Marketing and Social media. Hence, she is agressively researching and writing over these topics extensively.