Google Announces- Five New Changes Coming To Mobile Search

Posted on October 14, 2022 by Doors Studio

Five New Changes Coming To Mobile Search

During a recent Google conference, the committee gave attention to the implementation of five significant changes to mobile search.

Now, onwards on Google's IOS app, you'll witness multiple advanced features and shortcuts other than typing in the conventional search query.

In the next couple of months, Google will upgrade the mobile search bar with features that will be more fruitful for a smooth search and research experience.

Google's search bar will be getting a new visual and textual look within a couple of days.

Here are the five changes announced by Google for mobile search:

1. Google Search Shortcuts

2. Results in the search bar

3. Advanced Query Refinements

4. Google Web Stories

5. Combining text, images, and videos

Let's move ahead and scoop down more knowledge about all these changes announced by our very own Google Baba.

Here we go:

Google Search Shortcuts:

There are numerous ways to search on Google, it is not just limited to type and enter search. One can upload images or screenshots and can also add text with the help of Google lens, one can also whisper in the microphone & get the desired search result.

Now, on Google app search would be more obvious and convinient with super advanced tap able options.

Results in the search bar:

Google is making searches more obvious than ever before. Wondering how? On the Google IOS app if you'll start typing in the search tab  you'll witness search result even before submitting the query.

Advanced Query Refinements:

Google has taken a pledge to make the search easier and more convenient. As you type in the search bar, Google will make a question to make it more obvious & specific.

Have an easy searching experience..!

Google Web Stories:

To give an enriched experience, Google is coming up with a web story feature. This feature will give deeper insights to the users of their search. It will be in text, image, or video form.

Combining text, images, and videos:

Turning mobile search into a feed is the aim of Google with this new feature.

You need not to scratch your head between multiple web pages now. Because Google got all on a single page be it images, videos or text.


This blog is written just to keep you updated with the latest technological advancements and functions. In the forthcoming months you will have a glance at the introduction of the latest mobile search information exploration methods. Stay tuned with Doors Studio for more information.