Posted on July 24, 2019 by Doors Studio

Each year we see an increased traffic on internet. With developing times, everyone is on the net, which is a good news for your business.

The thing which makes your business relevant in this vast market is SEO. Therefore, you need to focus on your SEO strategy to tap into this marketplace.

The following are the ways in which you can use SEO for higher search ranking in 2019:

1.    Artificial intelligence aka AI:

AI without a second thought is the future. If given enough importance and research, AI is providing a lot of options to strategize your website’s SEO:

•    AI being the future, Google is taking it for good use with the help of RankBrain. An interface, known for the usage of machine learning that helps in the improvement of Google search results.

•    There are several tools, one of them being automated insights is highly recommended to be utilized as they help you figure out the following parameters like:

  • Bounce rate
  • Average time spent
  • Source of the use

And many more insights significantly useful to improve on the website to boost the SEO.

•    AI adept and narrow down repeating patterns which are needed to be removed with the help of tools like Wordlift and WordPress to generate and optimize your website content 

2.    Keywords Optimization:

Keywords optimizationis also where AI plays a huge part. By gathering, generating and grouping such keywords, AI uses Keyword Tools to optimize your keywords. 

•    Knowing relevant keywords and using them are two different things. The potential which your keyword has on your SEO needs to be figured out, to rank them according to the highest outcome. The next step is to generate content taking the highest potential keyword as the basis. 

•    There are tools available for this like Cluster Analysis. This tool functions as an auditor for your pages which then, helps in grouping them according to the topics. This boosts your rank distribution as now search engines will be able to discover your page as per a distinct topic.

Every keyword has a shelf life and a ‘peak time’ when it is used and is high in trend. There are tools to narrow down that as well.

•    Predictive analytics helps you in navigating this peak time for the keyword you are specifically targeting.Here you will need Google trends to: identify the search trends and improve sales.

3. Voice search:

Voice search on any website is gaining immense popularity as it is:

•    Convenient: Google Assistant is now the “It” thing and has changed our ways to search!

•    Better user experience with semantics and uses NLP to recognize voice texture, behavior, and interests. With time it learns your accent, language, and patterns of user’s way of speaking. With the voice search on your website, the user experience can become smooth and perceptive.

•    AI power search engines to pick the words which you use in the daily conversation for a smooth voice search. Therefore, use common and catchy phrases through which a user can search for products and services, without much hassle, leading to great onsite traffic and ranking as well. Famous Voice searches are:

  • Apple’s Siri
  • Google’s Assistant 
  •  Amazon’s echo 

To name the few, are live examples of voice search success.

4. Website Load Time :

Website Speed is the need of the day and is vital to optimize your site for speed. 

•    If the loading times are too much of any website, then the site’s rankings may dropdown. It is important to improve the speed of loading so that the site’s ranking improves.

•    More time to load a page can highly impact the audience and due to bad user experience, you will have a loss of revenue as the users will leave your website. 

•    Slow pages do not rank high on search engines and they will not show on mobile or desktop devices. 

•    Short load time of any website can help your website perform better and as customers want immediate results and don’t wait for more than 7 seconds for the page to load.

•    choose a website hosting with care as a cheap website host can damage the speed of your website. 

•    Do not load very large images as heavy images can affect the speed as there will be extra data along with every image. PNG images are the best as there is no requirement of high details.

•    Try not to place too many ads on your page as it can slow down the speed of the page and will irritate the user also. 

•    Highly designed themes or widgets too can affect the speed of your website, so use simple yet effective themes. 

Tools which can help with your page speed are:

•    Page speed insight: It showcases the speed score of a page. Other than this, they also give suggestions on the scope of improvement for the speed enhancement.

•    Googlealso offers few tools

•    Yslow: provide insights for the page speed and the YUI compressor tool optimizes JavaScript and CSS. 

The speed is a significant part of SEO as Google compare you with your competitors on this parameter as well. Try to take this edge over them.

5. Mobile Optimization:

A lot of traffic on your website is through mobile phones. Imagine, if the user finds it difficult and slow, the impression it leaves. This turns into bad SEO ranking. Therefore, optimization of your mobile website is important for smooth and fast user experience.

•    Increased Customer Engagement 
•    Keep the website clean and simple.

6. The new face of SEO is Social media.

From the past few years, Social Media has a great impact on SEO. Therefore, now is the time to take the maximum leverage when the power of social media is still in its formative years.

•    First Step: Post consistent audio/visual content 
•    Second Step: Sync your social media with your website to direct some traffic to your website
•    Third Step: Keep your social media presence active for constant engagement and reach
•    Fourth Step: Visual dynamics like the quality of images must catch their eyeballs so that they voluntarily share and automatically generate traction.

Social media is also known to be a new facet of SEO.Therefore, if you are keen to derive power of social media, it can indirectly boost your SEO. The trick is to create content which is captivating and adds value to the viewer.

This indirect boost of your SEO will be successful if you will able to gauge the right audience to your social media. Eventually, you will see traffic and activity over your website.