Posted on March 17, 2021 by Doors Studio

To know about PPC, which is pay per click, ask yourself questions like, have you ever came across the sponsored or the paid ads on the top of the Google search list? If your answer is yes, then have you ever clicked on that ad? If the answer was yes, then no, have you ever asked yourself how that sponsored ad helps a particular business running that ad?

Before diving deeper into the pool of how advertisements work or what brands are doing, it is essential to understand what PPC is all about. PPC is an essential terminology that is a form of digital advertising with a set budget for a particular advertisement to be played on a particular platform that they choose, either Google or any social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The brand whose running that advertisement is paid per impression and pay per view. PPC advertising can or over the past has played a very crucial role in broadening the spectrum of an online marketing brand and having a very impactful online marketing campaign for them as well.

Today every other brand has shifted to digital, every brand developing developed or that’s in the process of becoming one of the biggest brands need PPC if not need, but they still do PPC. The question comes up as why PPC is essential? How will PPC be beneficial or helpful to that specific brand that is doing those paid promotions or sponsored advertisements to gain reach in any form?

If you notice, the answer is within the question itself somewhere or the other. Brands are doing pay-per-click advertisements, but PPC is a vast category in itself, which includes various platforms and channels to be carried out in a very well-mannered and systematic format to help a brand gain its motives best possible ways. The two main categories for a PPC ad campaign wherein most messages are conveyed or ROI is converted are via Google ads and social media ads.

How does PPC work on Google ads?

PPC is a way wherein you can run your campaign in a paid format on Google. Where in you are paying a certain amount to Google to list your sponsored ad on the top of the Google search results or the amount you are paying. So what exactly happens is when somebody on Google is searching for a particular keyboard or award that is related to the work that a particular brand is doing, then the sponsored or search ad that the brand has set up shows up on the very top of the Google search result or as per the amount that they have paid to Google for running that particular ad campaign. Other than this, once somebody clicks on that PPC advertisement campaign, The brand has to pay per click to Google, or Google will encash cost per click from the set budget of that brand whose ad campaign is being run. Once the entire budget from the Google ad campaign is done with Google will stop running that ad for you and replenish your fund. A brand candy market that particular ad campaign as well. These PPC Google advertisements can be display ads, search ads, local ads. The type of advertising that a brand is running depends on their goal and aim to retrieve from that particular ad campaign. Today is a digital world. Every other brand has opted for PPC, especially the ones at the developing stage.

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