Posted on August 27, 2019 by Doors Studio

Your brand is your brainchild. You need to nurture it with your passion and your intellect equally.

Your passions might be keeping you up all night for working on building this brainchild of yours. 

But passion alone won’t take it to the heights you envision your business to be at. 

When comes to intellect, you need to devise a strategy first to implement all your aspirations and ideas you have mapped out. 

The strategy which takes your brand a long is your plan of action regarding Marketing.

From ages, language has been Human’s greatest quality and strength; our ability to convey has what made us what we are now. 

Language, when stored through history, is either through word of mouth (storytelling) or through scriptures (written word). 

Therefore, the strongest part of your brand must be the words through which you convey your brand to your audience. 

Words have power to both convenience and move the audience.

The idea behind using the words, to let the language which has been the connection between humans from centuries, leveraging the art of storytelling through words is your key to success. 

A brand when made, is for the consumer to avail/use. 

What you need is a story that convinces the consumer that what you are offering is their need and how much benefits it comes with it.

Therefore, your brand requires a solid content which allows the consumer to understand and relate with your brand. 

Content marketing is what will be the strategy for your Brand. 

Content rules the marketing and every marketing strategy. 

Even visual content emerges out of a solid script. 

But content isn’t just words written but they also require a methodology behind it so that it reaches the audience the way it is supposed to.

•    Research about your Audience 

The audience is your first critic and immediate approval.  You will automatically understand what and when the audience requires a certain thing to be read or heard.

But before that, you need to know your audience as well. 

Your understanding of your brand will help you mark your audience. 

When you know your audience, their requirements, and queries. 

You will be able to build your brand than with the help of your audience. 

When a brand walks along with the audience it caters to. 

So what will be the criteria to define your audience?

The idea is to make your brand, that will happen when you know the age group you will be targeted, what time you will be targeting them, their likes and dislikes. 

Having a perception of your audience is a tricky task but it is, to begin with, a gradual process. 

Once you get the hang of it, the road to master the art of pleasing and keeping your audience satisfied will be like a daily ritual.

Surveys, interaction, and engagement is the easiest way to understand your audience. 

An interactive platform, be it any social media can help you achieve this. 

Vigilance and consistency will be your weapon through this journey.

•    Take the edge with your Content 

You are not the only fish in the pond, hence knowing your waters will be in the best of your interest. 

Here, ‘the fish’ is you, other fishes are your competitor and the water is your market. 

Every brand is unique in its own style, therefore standing out amongst all the brands with which you share your brand’s niche. 

Pick a font style, a unique symbol, a tagline or every a name that is either fun or hard-hitting. 

At the end of the day, you have to reach the audience first, then only it will reach you once established that bond with the consumer.

Your focus should not just be the brand, but also what difference can it bring to that particular because due to the open market, the consumer has a plethora of options to choose from. 

If your product is FMGC then your focus should be on maintaining a quality which might or might not be taken care of by your competitor and that you can turn into your USP automatically.

•    Market and Create your Content Well

Now everything is available online and that opens up a domain of technology integrated with your brand. 

Your website is your face and the content in it is your king when coming to digital marketing. 

This content stays in cyberspace it is needed to be optimized and promoted time and again so that it stays in the eyes of the consumer. 

Using info graphics, animations and videos will help to keep your content exciting and pleasing. 

At the end of the day, the audience just doesn’t want to see you just talking about your brand but also how innovatively you combine your products with trends and keeping your audience on toes by this dynamic nature of your brand. 

You will see that you are gaining more popularity just being trendy, along with that a careful eye on the errors and mistakes, technical glitches like slow page load, cache and so on..

So that your SEO is powerful that your name becomes synonym to that product and vice verse.

•    Tell Them What You Do, Over and Over Again, But Differently 

Your brand and the product you sell under it don’t change. 

Then how will you be able to do your marketing every time that too differently?

The thing is to come up with issues they knew existed but never knew were associated with that product. 

Maybe give them a general tip which is so passe that they didn’t know how to even implement.

You can use:

  • Interactive blogs about new updates of that industry. People have queries and interest as well in your brand, but who will educate them? You take that center stage and give them knowledge related to your brand and also the knowledge they require, which you can get to know through the queries they will raise in the comment sections of these blogs!
  • You can integrate your brand with different other brands as per the relevance and can create something innovative.
  • Try using different hash tags when comes to social media platforms, optimizing tools and technology coming in audio/visual content to create a delightful product in the end. People love new trends, so be the leader and give them new each day and everyday

Content is the king and sooner you realize for your brand, faster you can turn the game to your side.

You will see the avenues you never explored and how much potential your own brand and passion to make it reach heights has given you opportunity to create so much cool content which now is used and appreciated by the masses. 

As far as the brand, you will establish the name in such a way that people connect with it on a deeper level not just something they bought but cherished and recommend whoever is close to them.

Therefore, high time you opt for Content as your tool to establish or reinforce your brand in the market so that you don’t miss onto this golden opportunity.


Vanshikha Kanojia is a prolific writer at Doors Studio and has been writing professionally since five years. Being a true Millennial at heart, she is inclined towards Digital Marketing and Social media. Hence, she is agressively researching and writing over these topics extensively.