Posted on December 6, 2019 by Doors Studio

The biggest task of any social media manager is not just posting at the right time to fetch likes but also have a constant inflow of content that is relevant, upbeat, witty to begin with. And if you are working for an agency, then it is never just one brand you are working on, there are multiple verticals and accounts you are handling at the same time. It is like pumping new and fresh content every day without fail.

There comes a point you go dead on ideas and conceptualizing anymore seems difficult and lethargic. You are no more in a position to form a strategy that is groundbreaking and is a disruption in the market. Mediocre content won’t work and you are very well aware of posting a below-average content. Your image and your brand’s image is at stake if the content isn’t how you promised them when you pitched up.

To be honest, a very dramatic scene of climax here, but like the hero you’re, there are surely ways in which this whole “content block” could be averted with these very hacks you already knew about but were not able to integrate it as well or might not as well be thoroughly aware of it. 

NO STRESS OR SWEAT whatsoever. We got you covered!

The idea is to keep broader categories under which content could be created throughout the social media calendar, hence they need to be identified before you start your brand’s social media. If you have already started then, these points might help you reflect and structure your social media under this broader framework.

The Art of Social Media Calendar
Before going into the ideas, let’s know how important social media calendars are. They help you have:

  • A timeline
  • Anticipate your move beforehand
  • Gives you more time to create content
  • You don’t miss the important days and events

So, you must spend time on creating one to have a seamless year.

Take a hint from Netflix, ‘Make Series’

Series are best. To be more descriptive than that, series allows your audience to become interactive and hooked, and you as a content creator get more scope of content creation from a single topic. You can make them on a weekly or monthly basis and can see the conversation around your brand increases.

Twitter is the easiest space to create such a series. You just need to come up with a hashtag and conversation is carried forward by the people themselves.

Bribe them! Just kidding, host a Contest or a Giveaway

Adding free to anything gives an instant motivation to the otherwise silent followers of your brand. It also adds to the chance of inviting newer traffic to your brand. This build-up excitement and allow you to leverage on with the engagement which follows when you post such content. 

It becomes an instant hit when it is related to your brand and the services/product your brand deals in. 

There is data by Tailwind, as quoted by Sprout Social that 91% of posts you see on Instagram which are able to fetch around 1000 plus likes are able to do so through these contests and giveaways. When it comes to growth, 70% of accounts that show steady and remarkable growth are the ones who regularly hosted them on their portal in comparison to the ones which didn’t do them.

You necessarily don’t have to collaborate with the other brands to host a successful giveaway.

Follow the guidelines below and you will the perfect mix for your next giveaway!

  •  Freebie: Thumb-rule is to have a prize which from your brand or least, should be highly relevant and related. You can though give them anything, but that won’t translate into a long-term association from your follower’s end and will only bring irrelevant traffic who will be randomly just seeking those freebies not your brand, hence, a big no-no.
  •  Well-defined Rules: Rules allow a format to your giveaway. Social Media is informal in its approach, hence you need to give certain guidelines to your followers to follow to enter and win the contest. E.g a certain hashtag, they need to tag you and so on, so that even if you encounter spammers or insincere applicants, you already have a rulebook to refer to.
  •  Assign a POC: be careful that in case of any queries or inquiries, your followers must have a POC to fall back on. Be it a contact number or email, anything from these two should be there for your potential applicants to contact when it is related to your giveaway/contest.
  •  Challenge your audience with a Twist: ask a question around your brand, a fact, a historical event, or anything that makes them think adds value to your brand. A senseless giveaway without adding anything to your brand awareness is baseless because that is the whole purpose behind that!

Bring in a famous face- Social Media Takeovers:

There are so many stakeholders and people who are associated with your brand and have a say as to what they feel about you as a brand. They are doing so on their well-established social media platforms already and channeling them from there to your own social media could be a smart move.

Generally, these takeovers last for 24 hours. While at it, you get new views on follower’s side and your existing follower get to see someone new and your brand is also projected through a different lens.

Curate your feed, Repost-Retweet-Regran!

Here is the news flash! You can absolutely get inspired, that isn’t plagiarism. Same way, you can pick up content from other accounts and repost on your social media platform. It is called content-curation and is quite different from content-creation. Here, you pick an existing content that is relevant to your brand or is talking about your brand and you post it on your brand’s social media. Easy! This could include:

  • Product reviews
  • Customer service reviews
  • Influencer’s aesthetic post
  • Any insight by a peer on the brand

You have an abundance of content around you, you need to just sit down and write it all down at once place and see how you never run out of content ever again. The idea is to be highly observant of the environment around your brand and also what your competitors are doing so that you could be a step ahead from them when it comes to either integrating a trend or rather creating a new one. 

By Doors Studio - Social Media Agency