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Since forever, LinkedIn has been shadowed by other social media platforms. Also, LinkedIn is distinct from other platforms because it is solely for professional use. The way LinkedIn needs to be used is also different and altogether a different game. 

Following are the ways in which LinkedIn let you showcase you as an individual :

  • It will be the roadmap of your whole career; from where you started and where you currently working, everything.
  • Also, you can mention your educational qualifications; where you went to school, college and so on.
  • You can also connect with who you work with and they can recommend and vouch for your skills as an employee and several other things.

Apart from all this, very few understand and know that their businesses could also be promoted and marketed over LinkedIn, just like they endorse them on other platforms.

But there are ways in which you can promote your business over LinkedIn and can reap great results as well! But before that, there are things you need to do

  • Take your Business to LinkedIn | Connect with Professionals

Just like on Facebook you can create pages, like that you can create a business page of your company with information mentioned like:

  • What is your business about
  • Where is your office
  • How many employees work with you and so on.

So, this way you can create a proper portfolio of the company as well to put it out there for people who would want to know about the company and even for the ones who landed up on your profile.

Now that your profile is created and properly filled with the information required, the next thing is to use features LinkedIn provides you with just like Instagram Q&A and Facebook status.

•    Linked In Polls

Any social media is about engagement, as that will create a sense of community also it leads to the better reach of the platform. Therefore, LinkedIn has a feature where you can put polls about a certain business-related situation or anything which the audience is likely to respond over. So, you can create a poll and circulate in your network or amongst peers. LinkedIn also allows you to have insights where you can watch the results on a real-time basis and analyze them there and then as to what is the narrative by the people.

•    Address the Queries

You should write blogs related to your business to educate and spread knowledge, but it also serves other purposes. People when you get to know that relevant knowledge is on your page, your audience will look forward to your blog whenever you will publish.

Therefore, your task is to create high-quality content so that people stop and read regardless. But the work is not finished there. You will get queries as well on such blogs and your work begin. You must address their queries; either write a comment back to them or you can create that query into a blog as well. Interesting right?

•    Leverage from LinkedIn Groups

This is another feature of LinkedIn which coincides with Facebook, wherein you could part of different groups. You can take advantage of such groups. The idea is to be an active member, interact and communicate.

Whenever you do so, try to leave a mark, like where your designation or share any information from your company which might be relevant to that group you are in. You can also publish your blogs and other useful insights in general so that people can get to know about you and your business's presence.

•    Create your own Group

With colleagues, peers and people associated with your company, you must create a group which stir conversations that is your company or industry-centric, therefore you would be able to build a community which is actually like your cheerleaders who eventually will share this information with other people, might ask people even to join your group for such knowledge and this way you will be able to build a vast network.

•    Status

Have something important to convey? Job recruitments? Office event? You can post about any such announcement through the Status feature. You can share other things as well like blog  , any special offer if you are a brand and so on.

•    Post Ads

Time and again you need to switch to paid marketing to enhance your presence on online platforms. Therefore, the idea here is to target the audience based on company size, age and gender, geography and so on.

LinkedIn DirectAds helps you curate such ads be it a post, blog, job recruitments alerts and anything which needs that sort of boost. This will bring new visitors and traction of the right sort and that is what exactly your page needs.

•    Job Alerts

It is an indirect way in which you can put yourself out there. People are always on a lookout for jobs, be it full time or internships, they are feverishly looking for places where they can find a job. LinkedIn is that one market place where they can find decent jobs.

LinkedIn allows you post jobs and that can bring a lot of traffic and visibility to your business page as the applicant would want to know about the company as well and that you would have explained already in detail on the page.

There are a few other things which you can do. You can ask your clients to give you recommendations over LinkedIn as that will create a positive impact for the future clients as that could be the point of validation they can get from other people you have worked with.

The next thing you could is to use the LinkedIn app as well to get constant updates and alerts as to what is happening on your page along with that can browse through your competitors as well to understand trends and narratives which you might have missed somehow.

Conclusion :

The conclusion is that LinkedIn is the oldest social media platform which is underrated and not properly valued by the users. The agenda is to take that advantage which many of your competitors might not have taken when comes to socially promoting their businesses. Hence, take your chances to establish a good presence over LinkedIn since it is primarily for professionals and that is what makes LinkedIn different from other social media platforms.

By Doors Studio

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