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SEO is that one thing which is your savior without investment. All you need is to have in-depth knowledge about how to use SEO for optimal results. But can you easily handle all parameters which go into making an SEO fruitful? It is humanly impossible to understand and even analyze all the integrities of them. But there is something which can help you work your way around SEO seamlessly. Google Analytics could be one thing which can help you better to know how SEO strategies are actually working out, because though it is an unpaid marketing method, but needs constant attention and alterations.

•    Google AMP tracking

A lot of you will see this small sign under blogs or news when you put a keyword in a search box. The small sign says “AMP” and is very beneficial for mobile as it gives a fast browsing experience. Even studies are there to back up this. The blog or new publishers who used this plug on, 80% of them saw an increase in views and 90% witnessed increased CPC rates. Being a published, you must have Google AMP plugged on for better results over your content.

•    Keep in check the Demographics and Interests of Your Visitors

The kind of traffic on your website is essential to be looked at. After all, the content you are creating is to be consumed by the people. If your content is not relevant to your audience, you might eventually lose hold over them and that can affect your ranking. Therefore, using Google Analytics for keeping a check on the Demographics of your population would give you great insights. The age group, location, time and so on can be of use when you are making any changes or additions to your website and gives you a chance to create content according to that information which keeps you relevant and SEO friendly. You can have access to this through Custom Segments which is a key feature of Google Analytics.

•    Know Your Organic Keywords better with Google Search Console

SEO is not all about Keywords but they play a major role. Eventually, they help in getting the ranking you aspire. Therefore, having a check on whether they are performing well or not becomes essential. Google Search Console is a free service that you can avail and use to know the performance of these keywords and your site on the search engine. It is easily accessible as you can connect to Google Console your Google Analytics account as well! You can access the full report at just one click.

•    The flow of behavior over your website

If you are keen on understanding the behavioral flow of your visitors, as to what all places they visit when they open your website. If a certain spot is frequently visible where they are leaving the website can be the indicator that particular section of your website. If that is the case, it could be because UI is not good enough, or on the contrary, the UI is so good that they only visit your website for that particular section. This helps you understand the user’s behavior on your website and can give you an overview of your website from the visitor’s point of view.

•    Track Your Site’s Top Referrals

In simple words, referrals are backlinks. They are the links that are linked to your website. Whenever a website uses your information or content and provides your website’s URL, it creates a backlink of your website. They are a great source of indirect traffic which you didn’t put effort into. Right now, referrals are one of the top reasons for a website to have high traffic and views on a website. And if your website link is on another website which already has a lot of traffic, a lot of that traction comes to your website as a bonus eventually. You can use Google Analytics to find out which particular backlink is bringing you a lot of traffic.

•    Monitor Mobile Traffic

Mobile SEO is another arena added to the strengths of SEO. Since everyone is using smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website is essential for having a better UI and UX which in turn makes your visitors frequent and helps with the website traffic.

Google analytics, in this case, helps you to find out:

•    The bounce rate
•    Mobile conversions
•    Gives you a comparison as well between mobile bounce rate and desktop bounce rate

This piece of information is essential for you to work on your website experience and content. Google Analytics works as a catalyst in this and rules out the possibilities of why your website might not be able to work on mobile phones.

•    Focus on Site Search

Mostly all of the websites we see has a search bar. But if your UI is bang on, there is no need that a visitor needs to find out a particular thing on your website. They can easily navigate, but only if the UI is on point. In this case, Google Analytics helps you see how many people are using it, along with that what they are searching for. That will help you optimize your website. You will know better what the user want to see immediately over the home page or else, how can you make your website better to navigate through with these insights. 

•    Bounce Rates

Nothing is more prominent than the bounce rate as a sign that your website is underperforming. This indicates that people are not even visiting or walking through your website when they open it. You need to immediately work on it if that is the case to improve the time spent by users on your website. Google analytics gives you that insight into how badly or greatly your website is performing in this sphere. Therefore, it helps you work on that follies and make your website experience more pleasant for your visitors.

•    Adwords

In case, if you are keen on getting into paid marketing of Google Analytics, Google Adwords can help you advertise your content over other websites. 

These are a few of the many things which Google Analytics can help you with when comes to your website SEO. Being a free tool Google Analytics is a blessing in disguise for you to help your understand your brand better so that your SEO gets the most of it by the end of it. SEO is very important to any website who is aspiring to convert the traffic into business. A proper vigilance over it can ease the work done and can act as a huge help, as SEO as a tool of marketing is not easy to work around it and not everyone knows how to understand it as well. But a help like Google Analytics can work tremendously in favor of you if you are in SEO marketing.

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