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Twitter is right now rapidly increasing to become the platform thoroughly loved by the masses, but the issue and major problem are that people aren't well equipped to know how to exactly use Twiter when it comes to a social media strategy.

If we talked about the consumption of Twitter, there are about 500K tweets that are sent per minute on Twitter.

Beat that! The strategy to use it is not in using the right hashtags, posting at the right time and being viral or trendy. It is much more than that.

Let’s delve into how we can most out of this immensely interactive platform when comes to brands.

1.  139 Million Active users

The numbers are mindblowing. But that doesn’t mean you are using these statistics perfectly.

With such a huge database, here it gets proven that there is a certain need of having a twitter account for your brand as such a platform isn’t something you should give up on.

But with these figures, comes satisfaction but also the urgency to have a strategy which is utilizing these numbers aptly.

You need to know as to what is your market and the need is.

Are you using Twitter because:

  • You want to generate leads for your brand
  • To have customer awareness and loyalty
  • Cut down on Customer Service Expense

The importance of having a clear goal is that then you are in a position to even formulate an actionable strategy as well, which helps you streamline your approach and to go haywire while executing the strategy.

2.  Have a Separate Twitter profile

It has been given emphasis time and again about how important it is to have a separate Business Profile for your brand. You mustn’t merge it with your personal profile or use your personal forum to publicize your brand.

It jeopardizes the brand image and authenticity terribly.

Have a separate profile, with your brand’s logo or name as the profile picture and a short and crisp bio explaining your brand and your business in general; it could be a quote, one-liner or just a small paragraph.

The next step is to get verified by twitter so that the authenticity of your brand in social space is proven legit and trustworthy.

Also, don’t forget to link other social media platforms where your brand is present.

A crossover would really help maintain traction and communication on various platforms.

3. Importance of 3rd Party Platforms

People constantly sharing content in various formats.

Sharing tweets is the next big thing.

People forward it across Instagram, Facebook and websites use them in their blog as a reference if they are writing of a particular brand.

This exposure is immense and constant and according to statistics is also bringing new users to Twitter.

The number is 1.6 billion unique visitors. Why would you want to miss such exposure?

Therefore, Twitter is a platform promising exposure on their own platform but across various other platforms as well, including Television!

4.Twitter Hashtags: Eternal Romance

Where all these trends come from?  Ever occurred to you?

No doubt people highly associate hashtags with Instagram but Twitter actually make them go viral!

It is the actual birthplace of the trending hashtags for you to use and if followed religiously can be advantageous for your brand.

Statistics indicate that if they are used properly can increase about 50% of your brand engagement. But how to even use them?

The approach is far more different from what you have applied to your Instagram business account. Here,

  • You mustn’t use more than a couple of hashtags, unlike the 30 hashtags you use on a usual Instagram post.
  • Use more of trending hashtags to increase visibility and engagement
  • You must not use much space or use punctuation while putting hashtags in your tweet.

5. Best time to post?

As discussed, almost every minute there are about 500K tweets. Does that mean you should post every minute? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  • When comes to the best day to tweet it is Friday and worst is Sunday
  • Time slot: 9 am - 10 am, safest is 10 am - 12 pm

But they are numbers and every twitter account differs as per individual demographic. So using a more generic approach, you must:

  • Post every day so that consistency and engagement are stable and it will help to have the traction you desire. Make sure you consider the time slot mentioned above.
  • Also, if you think that the above time slot is not what is working for your platform, consider using twitter analytics to get hold of that right time to post on your profile.
  • Since we have busy schedules, you must use the scheduling feature given by platforms like Sprout Social to queue your posts so that they are always on time as per your strategy.

6.Key Engagement?

You mustn’t just create a great post and let it be on your tweet, the battle is just halfway won. The next step is engagement. How will you increase that?

  • Be a silent observer of your consumer, which will give you a lot of insight, leading to a better understanding of your consumer’s behavior apart from using the analytics to get the idea of demographics.
  • Engage with your consumers on their platforms as well. But don’t be a stalker, do it very professionally and eloquently.
  • This engagement will lead you to understand what you should post and that will surely attract your consumer to engage with you in return as well. Be vigilant in replying to them so that you don’t miss out on their tweet reply on your posts.

These six steps are integral as to how to go about your Twitter when you launch your brand on it.

Every social media platform is different, therefore, it never mixes the approaches when come to them.

Point is to treat each of your social media platforms very individualistically so that you can retrieve the maximum out of their traction that they over to your presence.

There will be developments in the dynamics but you must keep up with them to get better and best out of them, but few basics like the ones we discussed will remain the ones we discussed above.

By Doors Studio

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