Is Web Design And Website Development The Same?

Posted on November 19, 2021 by Doors Studio

Developers, designers, marketers, and other professionals combine to develop and run an online business presence. A lot goes into making a website, handling social media handles, and designing and developing. This blog will put light upon web design and website development and whether they are the same or different. Web design and website development are terms that are very closely related but are not the same. Web design refers to the visual look of a website and the designing of the user interface and making mockups using softwares like UI, UX, Adobe XD whereas web development is a process of coding and creating the website using programming languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, etc. 

A Web design team includes designers that use their tools and softwares to design and make the website visually appealing for the best user experience. They use softwares like UI, UX, Adobe XD, Figma and similar softwares to make wireframes, mockups, colour palettes, templates, design systems and give it forward to the developer to build the final product.  

A Web development team consists of coders and professionals specialising in CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails and similar programming languages. The creation of the web design team is assigned to the web development team, which brings their vision to life with the help of their expertise. The back end developers are responsible for the hosting, security and infrastructure of the site. At the same time, the front end developers focus on the site's functionality and fixing the bugs and other hindrances. And some full-stack developers handle both the front end and the back end.

Therefore, web design and web development are closely related but different terms. They are both very vital parts and go hand in hand with each other. Web design is the art of designing a website, and web development is the part of bringing that design to life and making it functional. There are different professionals required to do these tasks. Design professionals are required to undertake all web design-related needs. Whereas, for web development, coding professionals are required.