Posted on January 31, 2020 by Doors Studio

There is stereotypical thinking that marketing one’s business requires a lot of capital and establish it into a brand.

But with the coming of social media, there has been the availability of alternative channels to promote and market the businesses in a variety of ways where it ultimately it can reach out to its target audience.

Becoming a business person is not an easy task yet it is very rewarding.

It is a challenging task is to undertake promotional and marketing strategies of the company or the brand.

This is because the objective now becomes to first kick off the sales and then continue to keep up the sales and rising profits. 

So, while deciding how and where to promote one’s brand, one of the best ways to get through the audience is through social media - particularly, at the channel of Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to engage with followers, who are the authentic audience and potential clients for your business.

One of the prime reasons for promoting business online social media is networking power.

The social media has a good and immense reach to a number of people.

An Instagram business profile is a must nowadays as it helps to build brands and keep up with the professional image especially associating itself with the trends, events, and occasions.

By having an Instagram business profile, it makes the functioning of digital marketing a smooth one as it provides insights and analytics that in turn contributes to data-driven decisions.

The following ways can boost up the Instagram profile for business:

1.    Let Instagram’s profile photo portray the brand logo - It should be a logo that is easily recognizable and should preferably contain the creatives of those items that you are promoting and selling. If one chooses one’s own picture, then one should be sure enough that he or she is has a strong personal brand image. From a technical standpoint, one needs to ensure the display picture is of high quality and attractive. The username is one of the most important first steps in opening an Instagram account for one’s business which will define the brand.

2.    Choose the type of business activity - If one has selected to set-up a business username on Instagram, then one should be sure to set-up a business profile. Though this is basic, nevertheless it is equally important to let the target audience to have clarity about what kind of activities or services or products does one’s brand deal with. So, if it is a clothing brand, then it should be stated explicitly in order to garner the attention of genuine and potential clients and customers. Using a profile tracking link in your Instagram account profile can help further discover data and insights into your audience. When switching to a business account, one will get access to a number of free features. These extra features are integral in helping grow one’s account quickly. These extra features include statistics and data on your followers too. 

3.    Choose your words carefully - Do not get anyone confused by keeping two different names, that is one different username and another different Instagram name. People will search for a brand by typing the person’s name or company’s name. Also, try to keep keywords as well where putting a keyword in the name will triple one’s searchability scores. The keywords should be chosen in such a way that it brings potential followers where they will search by using hashtags or specific locations. To illustrate, if one wants to attract a target audience based in Delhi, then the word “Delhi” will come next to one’s name. Hashtags are also the bread and butter of Instagram. Hashtags are the main ways that users who do not follow one’s account will find be able to find either by searching for topics in the search bar or by clicking the tag on another user's post.

4.    Instagram is the first and the last impression - In Instagram’s bio, be to the point and precise. One needs to be crisp of what one is doing and promoting or at which location one is based in. It is important to take advantage of Instagram’s feature that enables us to add hashtags and profile links in one’s bio. This is the best way to promote a branded hashtag. The keywords need to reflect one’s strongest skills or interests that one wants to highlight on the account. In order to stand apart from other Instagram accounts, it is significant to go through similar accounts and make one’s account unique.

5.    Add personality to the bio - After covering the fundamentals of Instagram bio content, it is crucial to add some life to the bio which makes it easier for people to understand the meaning and vision of the Instagram profile at once. This can be done through various ways such as a beautiful or a funny quote or an emoji or just a random thought in a custom font that in the end express the essence of one’s business activity. 

6.    Make a statement - Being unique on Instagram should be complemented with making a statement. This proves to be an innovative method of showcasing creativity with respect to one’s brand. One way of doing this is by creating a multi-grid collage that forms a comprehensible image. Overall, this adds to the style of the framework of the Instagram profile. 

7.    Keep the communication strong - Do not just make an Instagram profile and make posts or stories and leave it. One has an account on it in order to engage with all kinds of audiences and not just let the brand account be rigid. It is important to build a relationship with customers and potential customers. This kind of engagement promotes trust and positive feedback. By communicating more, one can ensure the brand does not remain static and hence build a rapport.

8.    Develop a social media calendar - This is one of the salient features of digital marketing where it is essential to have a social media calendar. This will ensure that the Instagram account is constantly active and is being promoted with an agenda that defines the mission and vision of your brand. Do not let the account become a dormant one and have sporadic posts or stories. This breaks the flow of marketing.

Instagram was initially created to display and showcase personal life and photos but with time, these photos and visuals have only become powerful enough to spread the message and motive across due to which business has taken the route of Instagram as well. 

It has since then expanded to be a strong contender as the top social media network for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs like yourself.

Portraying the best on this channel helps garner eyeballs, attention and subsequently interest in one’s brand or service.

Hence, Instagram is a social media tool that will help in expanding one’s business and reach across the target audience.

Using the platform of Instagram for social business is a strategic as well as an affordable way to grow one’s company or brand. With this, one can find new customers, stay connected to the existing ones and connect to potential customers.

Tapping into the Instagram audience and striking a balance between both artistic and tactical digital marketing strategy, one would surely have a good growth of the Instagram account as well as of business’ sales.

It is a platform that helps one to leverage one’s selling point especially when it comes to building and growing small businesses.

Hence, the ultimate objective of using Instagram is to strategize posts and stories in order to sell.

Thus, it is significant for a small business or a brand to not only create the most creative and beautiful posts, pictures, visuals, and stories but to plan out strategies that will ultimately get them business and draws a new audience and drives them to their website.

By Doors Studio - Digital marketing Agency in India