5 P’s Of Real Estate Digital Marketing in Delhi

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Doors Studio

Real Estate Digital Marketing

In recent years, the real estate industry has undergone a significant transformation as a result of digital marketing. Due to the maturity of the real estate market, buyers do extensive web research before making a final purchase. According to current trends, every real estate company should have a website that is optimised through the use of a digital marketing communication strategy. 

Many realtors and brokers today undervalue the importance of digital marketing in the real estate industry.

Not only does digital marketing increase brand awareness, but it also helps brands stand out from the crowd.

We give you some reasons why Digital Marketing is necessary for your Real Estate Business:

-Many people look up search engines for information.

-Effectiveness of video and mobile marketing

-Online reviews are important

-Ease of performance tracking

-Easier to reach through to your TG

-Going digital, lets you save the cost of printing

-Online marketing gives you the freedom of creativity.

While almost every real estate agent and broker implement one or more digital marketing campaigns as a part of their business, it all comes down to how well the strategies are utilized. 

Focus on creating digital content that aims to solve the problems of the homebuyer and answer their questions. Leverage multiple online strategies to improve your chances of getting found by potential customers. 

Doors Studio is a Delhi NCR-based creative #DigitalMarketingAgency that uses buzzwords and newfangled beliefs to turn unrealistic ideas and thoughts into reality. Our creative marvels work tirelessly with thoughtful convictions to map your brand in the digital world.

We help our clients unlock an array of opportunities and lucrative business avenues that lead to a growth-driven journey and possess the ability to turn businesses into brands. Yes, we got a squad of creators, strategists, planners, developers, visualizers, and writers under one roof to deliver whole your business with delight. We are your brand’s clan who take care of it as their own little one and nurture it with the best!

Doors Studio’s 5P formula needs to be adjusted and implemented concisely to be successful in real estate digital marketing for your business. We've all heard about the 4 P's of marketing, but we felt digital marketing for real estate needed its own. This is because it is very unique compared to traditional marketing in that it deals well with value and thought leadership rather than pure marketplace advertising. This is crucial to your success when it comes to creating content and engaging with your audience, fans, and followers.

This approach to holistic strategy ensures a well-executed system, delivering value to your audience and putting money in your pocket. The 5 P's consist of:






As you embark on your 5P journey, two important things to keep in mind are consistency and perseverance.


It refers to the goods and services that you are willing to provide to your end consumer. It includes:


-Packaging and branding



It guides you to the overall features and necessities that you offer to your client. It has a huge impact on buying and selling outcomes, so make sure you've covered all the needs of your consumers.


Price refers to the amount at which your product or service will be made available to the public; it is not just limited to the selling price. It has various components, like:



-Payment Arrangements

-Credit Terms

 Make sure you have a brilliant marketing strategy that attracts your consumers like a magnet.


Promotion refers to the marketing activities that are done for brand building, brand awareness, brand recall, making consumers aware of the launch of any new product/service, and for community building.

It is critical to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of promotions to ensure that the campaign is delivering the desired results.


Place refers to the geographical area where the product or service is available to the audience. Traditionally, it was just limited to a geographical location, but now, with the latest technological trends and digital advancements, products are available with a single click. All this is possible because of digital media.


Over here, by the word "people," we refer to the entire staff, including salespeople, the marketing team, the customer service team, and any other member that is directly or indirectly in contact with the consumers.

They are the actual connotation of the company that either builds them or destroys them. If you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency for your real estate business. No worries! We've got you covered. Doors Studio is the #1 digital marketing agency in Delhi, NCR, that takes care of all your marketing needs.