Posted on April 4, 2022 by Doors Studio

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that makes use of the popularity of social media networks to reach marketing and branding objectives. Aside from setting up business accounts and posting, social media marketing necessitates an ever-evolving strategy with measurable objectives that celebrate creativity and include: 

  • Keeping profile up-to-date and optimising them
  • Postings of pictures, stories, videos, and live videos that successfully represent your brand and engage the relevant audience.
  • Timely response to all the comments, shares, likes, and keeping a regular check on the public image and monitoring reputation.
  • To establish a community around your brand, active engagement with followers, potential customers, and influencers.
  • In order to achieve a great appearance in front of a large number of highly targeted users, paid social media marketing can be done, where you may pay to have your business vastly advertised.   

For businesses of all sizes, social media marketing is a great method to reach out to prospects and consumers. It not only allows people to learn about brands but also positively encourage to shop from them. Pronounced social media marketing may help your company achieve extraordinary success by cultivating loyal brand advocates and even generating leads and revenues.
Popular social networking platforms are effective methods for marketers to create two-way interactions with potential customers, just as they allow users to connect with family and friends from far away places. Marketers can connect with and engage potential customers on social media sites such as Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. To vastly promote the products and services of a business, social media presents great opportunities. Marketers can engage their audience with a engrossing social media strategies and the ability to offer gripping content. 

The reasons why social media is of huge significance for your business-
1.    Build brand awareness
2.    Generate leads
3.    Nurture leads 
4.    Implement social listening 
5.    Connect social posts to opportunities.
6.    Measure marketing efforts 
7.    Build brand authenticity
8.    Grow your audience
9.    Build a community

10.    Generate unique content
11.     Stay top of mind with key people

Businesses can use social media to market their products and services in a variety of ways. The benefit that social media marketing offers to businesses is that they gain greatly from social media since it gives fantastic opportunities to create demand and broaden the reach of their products.



  1. Engage their audience: Customer engagement is an excellent strategy to gain their trust and establish a long-term relationship
  2. Encourage brand loyalty: Brand loyalty is based on engagement. Users can learn more about the brand through news updates, educational and amusing videos.
  • Integrate with additional channels to allow marketers to increase campaigns in ways that weren't previously possible.
  • Control the message amid a crisis by servicing their own newsroom by issuing press releases that emphasise their side of the story.
  • Marketers can generate leads by increasing awareness and traffic among general consumers.


Different methods are used for different businesses, but there are a few things that all social media strategies have in common:
1.    Knowledge of your audience:
What platforms they utilise, what kind of information they enjoy and who else they follow
2.    Brand identity: The message that is to be conveyed to the audience and what do you want them to think when they are watching your content.
3.    Content strategy: a well structured content strategy will be perfectly able to maintain consistent voice and consistently deliver high-quality content
4.    Analytics: Significant data will inform your approach and make better decisions such as who you are targeting, the greatest material to be publish and suitable posting time among other things
5.    Inbound approach: Social media should be utilised to perfectly add value to others by creating helpful and intriguing material & empowering others around you.

●    Create a variety of content: Make sure you update on a frequent basis and provide truly useful and fascinating material to your ideal customers.

This includes-
1.    Data & insights
2.    News of both local and industry
3.    Polls, questions, contests
4.    Updates and announcements
5.    How to’s, quick tips

It means making a significant use of variety of formats available on social media, such as photographs, videos, tales, live streaming, online storefronts, and more

  1. Consistency is the key:

Each platform showcase its own environment and voice; your company’s primary identity, whether friendly, fun or trustworthy should be consistent across all platforms

  1. Post and participate equally:

Rather than just scheduling posts every month, pay quick attention to engagement ratio and regular check on who engages back. Active response to likes, comments on posts, sharing of live streams, polling of polls and real time questions to elicit responses and re post their content

  1. Use content curation tool- To popularly stand out in others feeds, you should use solid content creation tools like Canva, which has specialised functionalities and templates to quickly produce professional visuals with a logo that is consistent with your brand, to accompany your postings.
  2. Create a feed of your own- Gain ideas for your own approach from following your competitors to keep regular check, get updated and uncover the gaps that need to be filled. For inspiration and out-of-the-box ideas follow brands with strong content strategy.
  3. Usage of Analytics to measure success- Tracking data is a crucial part while determining the success rate of social media marketing strategies. This can be accomplished by including tracking tags in your social media marketing initiatives so that they can be tracked appropriately. Google analytics is an excellent tool for evaluating your social media marketing methods and determining which ones should be abandoned.
  4. Repurpose, Repost & Recycle-

The 3 R’s mean-
1.    Repurpose: Create a facebook post from a customer review, combine blog posts into tweets, convert webinar deck into linkedin posts and so on.
2.    Repost: Repost on instagram and retweet user-generated content and influencer material to perfectly fill in the gaps of your content calendar.
3.    Recycle: Every month, re-share your best performing blog posts to gain new followers, post tik-toks on insta etc
4.    Advertise: Advertising is a low cost strategy to broaden your audience. You can get your content and offerings in front of a large audience for a very minimum cost if you play your cards right with an achievable approach.


Multiple channels and a mix of organic and paid tactics are required for a successful social media marketing strategy. To help businesses get the most out of social media, social media marketing services exist in many forms and sizes
1.    Social media management software- HootSuite and Sprout Social, for example, leverage technology to assist well- experienced social media marketers in streamlining their operations and obtaining comprehensive data
2.    Social media marketing agencies - agencies that are expert in social media marketing
3.    Digital marketing agencies- these services can assist you with integrating social media marketing into a larger strategy that includes email, website, SEO, and other elements 
4.    Hybrid Services : These services offer a mix of all the above services

For your business, Doors Studio will construct effective SEO, social media and PPC Campaigns that are only focused on increasing your online visibility. Our team of experts can assist you in growing your brand by creating social communities, focusing on proper keywords, and creating search and user-friendly content for a variety of platforms.