Posted on September 20, 2019 by Doors Studio

Your browser is the medium between you and the information you’re subjected to. The whole digital space is at your disposal, the moment you open that browser and the little window pops up. If a browser holds so much power, you think it can help your online presence as well?

Of course it can. Your Chrome browser can be actually of a lot of help if you are looking for SEO related guidance. A lot of extensions are there in Chrome which can help your workload of optimizing your website. Let’s find out about them.


1.  MozBar

MozBar initially comes with a free 30-day trial pack after which you have to switch to premium for $99/mo. The perk of using it is that you can monitor your SEO without leaving the browser.

You can have a look while going through the website. It enables you with metrics, analytics and exporting a SERPs file to CRV easily.

The premium version of it posses perks like:

  • Helps in analyzing keyword difficulty
  • Instrumental in optimizing your page
  • Gives a deeper view when comes to SERPs metrics


2.  Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Search engine marketing can be stressful and we understand that. But there is always help if you ask for it. That help at this particular point we talking about is Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This Chrome extension allows you to crawl through URLs of your website and while doing so, it adds elements that further helps you to analyze the SEO of your website.

This also fixes issues that are detected along the way, actually turning a lengthy process into a simpler one.

The other things which this extension help in detecting are:

  • Broken links
  • Duplicate pages
  • Site visualization

The lite version comes or free, although the paid plan is for $160/year.


3.  Keywords Everywhere

Keywords are so crucial to your SEO and we understand that as they help in positioning your website or blogs higher in SEO rank on a search result. But Keywords Everywhere got you covered.

It works on three different aspects which are related to Keyword Optimization:

  • Monthly Search volume
  • Cost Per Click
  • Google AdWord 

The comfort of having it enabled within your browser is that you don’t have to go to and fro from your browser for checking your Google Keywords because, with this extension, that notion is history. In addition to this, this extension comes absolutely free.


4.  Redirect Path

We all are pretty annoyed by 404 error pop-ups whenever we open a certain website. That is exactly how your visitor might also feel when they encounter the same on your website. Don’t you wish to have something like an alert, exactly like the one which comes on Google when you misspell a word?

What say if we tell you that we have found you a doppelganger of the same which does the trick on those error pages?

Well, redirect path helps flagging error pages like:

  • 301
  • 302
  • 404
  • 500 HTTP Status Codes & others like
  • Meta and JavaScript redirects

It is efficient in catching such errors, therefore, it helps you with taking your load off for worrying about Keywords and it comes for free!


5.  Woo Rank

Your website is connected with so many social media platforms and WebPages that it is hard to keep a track of them in a go. Woo rank works as a tool that analysis websites and directs to the improvements required by that particular webpage.

Along with this, it helps in analyzing:

  • Online visibility
  • Social media activity
  • General usability 

This way it enables you to keep a track of all of these metrics. It comes with a 14-day trial pack and then, it is accessible only through pro and premium subscription which is of $49/mo and $149/mo respectively.


6.    Impactana

Your social media also require attention and optimization. Impactana helps to improve your social media presence in two ways:

  • Buzz: It tells you about the kind of content which fits your social media presence and audience
  • Impact: This helps in the analysis of the engagement you receive over your social media platform.

This enables you to improvise and alter your strategies as per these statistics from time to time to help build a strong foothold over social media. It comes as a free extension on Chrome.


8.    Page Speed Insights

Page load time is very crucial to websites. Page Speed Insights help in optimizing the web pages and their load time on desktops and mobile phones. It is important because if the load time is more than 3 seconds, your website loses visitor retention and in turn leads to page bounce that affects the ranking of your website. It helps your website run faster and is free to use!


9.    Serpstat

It is crucial to know the statistics of your website but it is a cherry on the cake to even know about your competitor. Serpstat helps you have both them at hand to compare, analyze and strategize your next plan of action for your website. It initially comes with a free lite plan and then you can switch to the basic plan which is for $69.


10.    Ahrefs

We all struggle with keywords and the most where we get stuck is to find the right keywords for our website to land a better SEO for it. But with Ahrefs you can get to know the right keywords and along with that analyze:

•    Website links
•    Website properties
•    Ranking

And overall SEO optimization on your website. This comes for $99/mo for a lite plan.

SEO is important and every social media strategist will emphasize this fact. But these extensions are a ray of hope to cut down a lot of manual labor you have to put in to work maintaining an SEO.

Most of them we talked about are also compatible with other browsers like safari and firefox  These extensions saves you a lot of time to better fix the issues which they detect or strategize on links which are weak and making your SEO not optimal.

By Doors Studio