Posted on December 28, 2020 by Doors Studio

Understanding the basics of SEO and how it works

Ever wondered what is SEO and how it works and benefits the businesses into days digital era? Do you want to rank your web pages in the leading searches of your target audience? Are you not satisfied with the reachability and clicks that your web pages are getting right now? No need to worry, as we've made this very simple to understand and learn the meaning and basics of SEO, SEO Optimization and SEO Marketing. This will give you a one-stop solution to all your needs regarding SEO Marketing.

With the increase in the number of digital users accessing the web pages through mobile devices, it becomes necessary for your website to provide high-quality user experience and an enriching piece of content. The current businesses that are planning to shift their focus towards the digital side are often confounded by how search engines work and how Google's algorithm will make their site rank in the leads. Here, we will share some of the easy ways to generate organic traffic, which helps your site rank in the top search results.

What is SEO? How SEO works in Digital Marketing?

Every business wants their website to rank in the top search results, and for that to happen, SEO plays a vital role in making your website reach the target audience. The businesses then require SEO specialists or analysts who perform the proper keyword research to get the right SEO optimization which directly affects the ranking factors.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that enhances the quality of content on the web pages and boosts website traffic from search engines. SEO targets on bringing in unpaid traffic to the web pages rather than bringing direct traffic.

What is SEO Optimization?

Let's talk about Google's algorithm and how search engines work. Every search engine's priority is to give its users high-quality content and deliver them the material which is relevant to them. Search Engine Optimization of web pages refine the content, structuring and design of the overall website and make it looks more enticing for the search engine to have your web pages listed in the top search results. Search engines go through every piece of content on the web pages, and after it has scanned the website, it will show users the website links that are easy to navigate and read, user friendly and which comes on top of Google rankings. SEO optimization is the technique that many businesses use to make sure their site ranks on the top in the search engines for the desired keywords and phrases. For that to happen, keywords research is necessary. SEO Optimization helps to enhance and expand the web page's visibility in search engines and help the businesses reach potential customers, which will bring organic traffic.

How does SEO Marketing work?

We don't expect Google to tell us its algorithm and how it works to rank different sites by the content, website design with easy navigation and readability. SEO Marketing involves various factors relating to content strategy to SEO optimization, which generates great results and brings organic traffic to the web pages.

How does Content Marketing work?

Content is the king. Content is the first and main requirement for the web pages to have better reachability and visibility in the search engines. Search engines today want engaging content and high quality, which attracts the target audience to visit the website and go through it and if they like the web the page, they might also take action to purchase it.

How does Google Search Engine work?

If the quantity and quality of the piece of content on the web pages are relevant, engaging and attracting more visits to the page will result in high site rankings. Another way of engaging a wider audience is to use infographics and writing content that is up to date and follows the trend. Search engines always look for content that is different from the rest and is fresh in quality. Writing blogs and attaching social media handles help the business to generate loyal customers and stay connected to them and update them daily.

Difference between On-page & Off-page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO optimization refers to everything concerning the website's HTML in which changes and alterations can be made in the future with the help of SEO keyword research by various ranking factors. Here are some of the SEO factors that make sure that your site ranks in the top search results. Title Tag is a brief description of the web page that gives information about the page's content. This doesn't need to be more than 70 characters, including focused keywords and the business name. Sub Headings include H1, H2 and H3 tags that help the audience in easy navigation and readability of the content that is delivered to them. This also helps in the enhancement of SEO. Meta Description adds that additional touch by delivering more information to search engines to know better about the web page and assist the site visitors in getting the right information. Meta Tags help in providing accurate metadata about the web pages when used in HTML and XHTML documents. Internal Links help bring in more engagement by attaching hyperlinks that lead to the product or service mentioned in the blog. Different hyperlinks will enable the audience to get a much better idea about the service or product you want to talk about.

Off-page SEO Optimization includes quality content creation and easy understanding of what is being offered to the users. This can boost your site rankings and give them the option to share it on social media. Some of the factors can be seen below: Social. This means getting more likes and shares on social media for better reachability, understanding and engagement from the audience from different social media platforms. Social media influencers play a major role in helping the brand get desired reachability. Reliability & Linking helps Google's search engine know and understand the website better and show the visitors web pages that can be relied on. Linking helps in the generation of engagement through the attachment of backlinks that other promoters can add to their social media.

Crawling v/s Indexing in SEO

Crawling in simple terms means sending out crawlers to different web pages to know more about the newly updated content available, which can vary from an image to a PDF to a video. "Caffeine" is the massive database for collecting URLs where the crawler adds the new content. Indexing is storing information that is of high quality and is relevant to the users and gives them the content they want from the database.

SEO optimization and ranking in search engines is dependent upon various factors. Content strategy and right SEO optimization techniques will help you foster the desired results. Suppose you want your business to grow well in less time with correct SEO optimization techniques and the content strategy that gains maximum reachability. In that case, you know where you should head over to. Doors Studio offers you a one-stop solution to all your needs!