What is the digital marketing funnel?

Posted on November 10, 2021 by Doors Studio

When we think about different aspects of marketing, whether digital or traditional, the business funnel is the first and foremost thing that we visualize and move ahead with. This is generally referred to as the path a client follows to reach the end destination, i.e., the purchase.
A digital marketing funnel is the collection of phases that motivates consumers to move forward, from the first stage being awareness to the last stage called delight. There are different types of funnels made according to the consumer behavior, journey, and goal. In layman language, the funnel incorporates targeted consumers to make them aware of the brand, product, or service until they don't take action and make the buying decision.
Ensure that your marketing funnel is elementary so that all the KPIs are fulfilled with zero complications, and better conversions are obtained.

Stages Of consumer funnel

- Awareness 

The top of the funnel is incorporated with all the necessary information about the brand, product, or services. The first & foremost thing is to make the targeted audience hear about the brand. Many brands & marketers make a common mistake by assuming that consumers are ready to buy the product instead of trying to recognize the right audience, which will make conversions easier in later stages.

- Consideration

The middle of the funnel comprises the people aware of the product & looking for a solution that your product & service will fulfill, but these people aren't 100% ready to make the purchase. These people are just researching & willing to buy.

Prove these audiences that you're the right solution to their problem & willing to serve them with the best. Get in touch with them, cater to their queries & doubts, make them aware about benefits & let them know how you are different from the competitors.

- Decision or Purchase 

This is the most crucial stage of the funnel in which the consumer decides whether to buy the product. They are prepared to make a final decision, totally based on their experience & encounters in previous stages.

- Delight 

This is the last stage of the marketing funnel which determines their experience & whole journey. If consumers are satisfied, you can get a loyal customer who will trust you in the future as well & make recommendations also.

Components of the marketing funnel â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹

  • Landing pages
  • Lead magnet
  • Core offers
  • Email automation
  • Facebook ads
  • Social media marketing

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