Posted on September 10, 2021 by Doors Studio

Web Framework

Numerous frameworks have been developed to simplify the web development process and make coding easier; this decreases the workload and saves the time of digital wizards, who are always in front of the screen and working assiduously.

What is a Web framework?

A web framework comprises sky-high functioning and multifacet web applications needed for an online business or e-commerce website. These are the most developed and hived frameworks that require a great amount of time, technical skills, aptitude, and effort.

Without these frameworks, web development is nothing less than a nightmare. These frameworks make work easier and reduce the efforts; the functionalities to be made from scratch are already. 

Our digital wizards use a few PHP frameworks to make their work easier and more efficient.


Laravel is one of the most sought-after PHP frameworks for web development with more than 65k stars and positive feedback on GitHub and stands in the second position on PHP Top Performers Benchmark List. Still, it is most preferred by the users due to its wealthy features and simple nature.

Laravel is a free open source coding software that provides bountiful support to the PHP suckers and gives a safe, flexible and accomplished experience since 2011.

Laravel 9 is the latest version of the software, while v.10 will be released soon with added features and a better experience. It also supports LTS versions & Larval 6.0 LTS is currently under support and maintenance.

Here's a list of a few thriving features of it that makes it stand out from all the frameworks available:

- Provides easy management and user experience.

- Supports email and SMS services. It can also be connected with Slack for better communication.

- Comprises Eloquent ORM integration which reduces the efforts to generate complex queries and codes.

- Provides a base for unique Unit Testing.

It is used by various prodigious and mammoth organizations such as MasterCard, Olx, Razorpay, etc.


CodeIgnitor is an expeditious and compact web development framework. CodeIgnitor 4 is its present date version with the size of only 1.2 MB. It's open-source and has around 20k stars on GitHub.

CodeIgnitor provides a set of pre-stored PHP codes, which is like a life savior. It reduces efforts and helps in completing mind-numbing tasks fortnight.

It is used by worldwide enterprises such as Buffer, Grindr, 3M, Amplify, Big Bazaar, etc.

You Choose CodeIgnitor?

- Supports MySQL

- Can be generated smoothly and simply

- Provide code templates

- Supports unique testing

In today's Digital Era, web development framework software acts as a knight in shining armor for web developers and coders, these help in completing months' work in days.