Posted on February 19, 2022 by Doors Studio

Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi

Time has changed the way businesses work; it has also changed the traditional marketing patterns. People are more inclined to bring their businesses online. The scope of digital marketing is very vast, and its effect on the company is quite evident, especially in the COVID times. In the year 2021, there was a drastic growth in digital marketing. It is one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing due to its high reach, visibility, and measurability. It will not be wrong to say that the primary focus of the advertisers is moving towards digital marketing. There are various types of digital marketing a business can focus on. 

The main pillars of Digital Marketing:

PPC or  Pay-per-click- It is one of the most effective marketing strategies that will help draw paid traffic to your website. The advertiser pays the publishers every time the ad gets clicked.                         

Social Media MarketingIt involves all the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. These platforms help in promoting their brand by creating valuable content.                    

SEO- This is the best marketing strategy to increase the ranking of their websites so that they can increase the traffic on their website. To grow your brand online, you must bring your website to a higher rank on Google’s SERP. 

Content Marketing-  This strategy helps businesses bring their customers the content they are searching for. Content marketing will help focus on the value that will help attract the client. 

Email Marketing-  One of the oldest and best forms of marketing is email marketing which gives high ROI. The process involves sending personalized emails to the target audience.  

Why is Digital Marketing Important for any Business?

In today’s era, all businesses are moving towards digitalization, and it has become a turning point for all companies. Here are a few reasons for the importance of digital marketing in any business.    

Your target audience is online: 

According to the 2019 survey, 4.3 billion users are on the internet, and the number has been increasing every year. Looking at the statistics, you will get a fair idea that more people are to reach out to when you practice digital marketing. 

When you introduce your brand to people, they like to know more about it and check your online presence. If they can’t find you online, there is a chance you might lose a customer. 

Cost-effective and faster

Digital marketing techniques are very different from traditional marketing strategies. If you are a start-up, your funds might be limited. Even if you want to print flyers, they are pretty expensive. But with digital marketing techniques, you can start the process immediately. 

Expect better return on investment: 

It is claimed that online advertisements have a better return on investment. It is possible to have a higher ROI because the customers can be seen online. If you get to know the target audience, you can convert your leads into customers. 

Establish your brand’s reputation: 

Digital marketing will help your business show your customers what your brand is all about, and it also shows the customers how your product is helpful to them. 

Has high revenues:

Digital marketing has a high return on investments, leading to a higher conversion rate, which further leads to higher revenues. 

How is Digital Marketing necessary Pre and Post Covid-19?

The pandemic has left a considerable impact on businesses. With the safety concerns and health concerns, all the companies have been taken to the internet. Many small businesses couldn’t transform their businesses online. But embracing change and adapting new methodology accelerated the businesses. It was observed that the companies delivered more results when they went online. It is pretty relevant to say that the pandemic didn’t stop any industry from growing, and businesses didn’t leave any stone unturned to establish their online presence.    

What is the need for digital marketing?

Here are some of the significant reasons why would a business need digital marketing:

The cost is lower, and the flexibility for the marketing efforts is higher. 

You can engage the consumers and let the influencers endorse your company. 

You get the opportunity to incorporate various types of media into your marketing. 

The digital marketing strategies are quite effective and affordable. 

You can easily monitor your campaigns digitally. 

You can keep up with the trends digitally in real-time.  


Digital marketing has become a crucial step for today’s businesses survival. You need to increase your brand’s awareness to grow your business. It may sound harsh, but you will find the investment worth it once you see the results. 

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