Posted on February 25, 2022 by Doors Studio

 If you are old school, you can probably relate to the importance of email marketing, and it still holds value when it comes to its usage. 

It is no doubt that new methods of communication have also taken over the audience and the customers. There are a lot of communication methods like social media, live chat, and many others. However, the user base is more than 4 billion people, the king of all the marketing channels. Email marketing counts for $38 for every spent dollar if we talk about the ROI. This implies it holds an important place in every marketer's toolbox. 

Email marketing is still one of the most influential and known marketing channels leaving behind the rest. You will be surprised to know that the number of people using email increases every year, and the main problem is that most people aren't well aware of the same. Let's discuss email marketing in detail. 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is sending promotional emails to people in mass quantities. People are generally swamped with many interruptions, ads, and various pitches on every platform. 
You might want to think that you are a significant and special one, but the hard reality is your email is one in a million. Therefore, it is essential to use good manners. If you want to get into someone else's inbox, you have to respectfully abide by the way they want you to be in the inbox.  
Now, let's talk about the working of email marketing. 

How does Email marketing work?

Email Marketing is one of the most common strategies, and it is often automated and relatively intuitive. A basic form of email marketing requires three essential elements.  

1.    An Email List
You need an active email list to pull any email campaigns successfully. You need to prepare an active email list. This is just like maintaining a database of email contacts who have shown some interest in receiving marketing communications from your brand.                                                                                                        There are many ways for making an email list. One of the best and the easiest way is by creating such an offer that your target audience is interested in exchanging their email addresses. 
2.    Define your goals
You can use email marketing to achieve various business goals. You can use email marketing to:
•    Drive high sales 
•    Boost brand awareness 
•    Generate leads 
•    Keep customer engagement 
•    Increases customer loyalty. 
The list should be curated according to the subscriber's demographics and actions. 

3.    An Email Service Provider 
An ESP is software that you use to manage your email list, and it also helps in the management and execution of various automated email marketing campaigns. 
It also allows you to automate the actions triggered by the target audience. This even helps in the personal interaction increasing the conversion rates. 

Let us discuss the types of email marketing that you should be sending:

1.    Welcome Emails 
The first step to proceed towards a client is sending a welcome email. According to a survey, only 25-30% of the people are ready for immediate sales, while the rest are qualified leads but not prepared to buy immediately. 

The welcome email has higher open and click-through rates than a standard email. This can be an excellent start to forming a healthy relationship with your customer. 

2.    Email Newsletter 
The importance of a newsletter is to stay on the top of a customer's mind. Most industrial businesses use this newsletter because they are an excellent tool for giving knowledge to your customer. it helps in creating brand awareness, repurposing the content, and diversifying the information you want to pass on to them. 

3.    Dedicated Emails 
These types of emails are stand-alone emails, and they aim to notify the target audience about the paper you have released or any event you are hosting. 

4.       Lead Nurturing emails 
It is a type of email that is for the targeted audience. It has to be timely automated to reach out effectively. Otherwise, there is a fair chance that your email goes unopened or deleted. 

5.    Sponsorship emails 
A sponsorship email generally pays another vendor to include your copy in their newsletter. It is a type of paid media strategy used to extract high ROI. 

6.    Re-Engagement Emails 
It is time for some re-establishment of the client with the brand. You can even ask them for feedback to remind them about your brand. This way, you can turn your loss into a win.

7.    Sharing brand story emails 
A powerful tool these days is telling your brand's story. It can connect you with your customers, and it develops an emotional connection, and people relate to your brand. 

8.    Review Request Emails 
People are educating themselves regarding the products they use, and their feedback is valuable to the brand for improving any low point. 

Now, the question that arises is whether these emails are worth spending time on or not. Will it be fruitful? Let's see some advantages of email marketing: 

1.    Email is trust-based 
A customer gives you the email address only when they trust you. It is just like gaining permission to enter a class, which increases the chances of higher engagement and conversion. 

2.    Direct access to your audience 
You can even talk to them directly about their schedules. People check their emails daily, so your email is likely to be viewed. 

3.    More Personalized Capabilities 
You can quickly form demographic or psychographic data to create personalized campaigns that increase revenue. 

4.    Measurable and scalable 
Measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns can scale without putting a strain on the resources. 

It is straightforward to start email marketing. The first step involves finding a provider that works best for your business. You can use any tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, constant contacts with different features. 
You must build up a new campaign and consider the overall goals of your email marketing and digital marketing efforts. 


If you have been avoiding email marketing, you must reevaluate your strategy. It provides enormous returns for those marketers who are willing to learn. You must remember you are just one moment away from losing a valuable customer. So, you must be polite respectful and should deliver value. You must send different emails to other groups of people according to the requirements.