Posted on January 27, 2020 by Doors Studio

Digital marketing today has become one of the important modes of marketing. It has replaced the old ways of in-house marketing where the company took the initiative on its own to promote and market their products or services.

As the internet continues to thrive amongst the masses, now more are getting glued to the screens of their mobiles, TVs, tablets and other digital mediums. As people rely more on the online medium for everything, similarly for purchasing products and services also, people prefer to do it online.

So, the task of the company now becomes to appoint a digital marketing firm that will work upon the exact requirement of the company and make strategies to attain the digital marketing presence that it needs. But before one chooses a good digital marketing agency, one needs to ask oneself the following three questions about the company:

  1. What is it that you want to market - a product, service or company in general or a mix of all? This should be clear in your mind before even approaching the agency.
  2. What are the objectives that the company wants to achieve through the digital marketing platform?
  3. Third, in what way you want to endorse the business - is it a social media campaign, an ad campaign or something else through which one wants one’s business to gain a prominent presence.

It is therefore imperative on the part of the companies to promote and market themselves online in such a way that amongst the chaos of information, the marketing promotions need to stand out and catch the attention of the viewers and subsequently of the potential consumers as well.


1.    The Agency should provide the expected service - It is necessary to cross-check that the services that one needs are being provided by the agency. Some key points should, however, should be kept in mind:

  • Differentiate what can be done in-house and what can be outsourced. It is important to know what communication skills is the in-house marketing team are good at and then allocate the services to the agency to impart their marketing services
  • To choose a digital marketing agency that caters to the exact objectives that one is looking for through digital marketing such as attracting the traffic of a certain crowd online, creating brand awareness, creating leads and converting them into effective customers.
  • To choose what kind of agency one should hire - an experienced company with an excellent portfolio or a relatively young company with a good portfolio. It all boils down to a variety of ideas that will attract you to go ahead with them.
  • To state the budget in which you would like to work with so that there is no confusion in the future regarding the expenses.

2.    Do a thorough research of the Agency - Research about the agency from the overall perspective where one needs to analyze how they meet their targets by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Go through their portfolio to know about the kind of work they have been indulged in, which gives an idea of the quality of work done by them.
  • How effectively and efficiently does the agency complete their work
  • Check the reviews of the agency through rankings done by companies and other sites especially by the customers. The most important thing to see is how they have improved on their last work.
  • One way of getting an idea of their work is to go through their website, blogs, and write-ups and see what attracts a person to their work online. Ultimately one’s company’s website will also be the face of one’s business.
  • Analyze the agency’s and their competitor’s work and see what unique work they have done and which agency’s work is more attractive and distinctive. Also, analyze what is the specialty of the agency.

3.    Ask for ‘Request For Purpose’ (RFP) - This is the next step after one has chosen one’s right company. One would have to ask them to send the Request For Purpose. One now has to share all the details as to what one’s company is all about. In addition to that, one also has to share the objectives that one wants to achieve to get one’s business as well as expand one’s business. However, it is also important to keep in mind that one needs to have a realistic future plan and scope for one’s business. One’s RFP should include the following points:

  • A summary of one’s business, its current position, background, and past work and achievements
  • The company’s requirement
  • Company’s Objectives including Return On Investment (ROI)
  • One’s Target Audience
  • Budget framework
  • Timelines within which the work has to be delivered


UAE is a major hub of industries and companies which have continuously been booming. The market has the amazing ability to attract people across countries, demographics, fields of work and varied interests.  Work culture has been thriving in this place and so is the work culture. It has become a prominent work destination for several people. 

UAE serves as a potential place where both the company as well as the agency can expand their own business and work. Both sides can use their expertise to achieve their goals. Over time, it has become affluent with a massively vast range of industries, products, and services including technology adaptation and integration.

From the company’s perspective, there is a good target audience to whom they can cater to and do business. There has been a lot of diversity amongst the people in the UAE, especially when it comes to foreign diaspora. Work opportunities and business opportunities are immense as the population in the UAE is expanding and various needs and requirements are coming up that in turn lead to availing a variety of products and services.

Saying this, it becomes very significant for digital marketing agencies as well in the UAE to use the opportunity to interact and engage with these different businesses and companies to help them expand and get recognized as a brand. It is the quality of work done by the agency that builds a strong brand voice for that particular company and hence separates that company from its competitors. This finally leads to successful digital marketing pursuits.


Several features of marketing strategy are the same everywhere across the globe when it comes to building a brand and marketing, however, in UAE things work a bit differently. Therefore, digital marketing agencies should know the actual situation in which they need to work and how are the UAE clients different from the rest.

In the UAE, it is important to be different and focus on the following in order to stand out: 

  • Building a relationship based on trust
  • In sync and credible with culture
  • Customized products and services along with unique customer journey and experience
  • Reviewing the customer experience to measure the success of the brand and further empower the brand


  • When Visuals Impress:

Quality creative visuals are always a big thumbs up and catch a lot of eyeballs. With 8-9 million people in UAE being active social media as well as internet users, content can become viral if the strategies are used properly and targeted to the right audience. This leads to the constructive integration of virtual branding online and the real branding of the company offline.

  • Trust Builds Reputation:

Selling should not be the sole objective. People in the UAE do give importance to the relationship building with a product or a service that leads to trust-building and customer relationships. Nothing can be more satisfying when the same people come back to use the product and service again and moreover associate themselves with the brands.

  • Ensuring Unique Customer Experience :

UAE market is serious when it comes to how a particular product or service affects the customers. Apart from the customization and personalization of products and services, it is also crucial to engage with brands by customers even after the usage is over. People should remember the brand forever and moreover, keep using this brand continuously. Thus, a positive customer association has to be promoted through digital marketing.

  • Discipline and Ethical Marketing :

When marketing strategies are being followed, one should be aware that producing any false information or numbers should not be done at all. It is better to go slow and steady for brand integration than to ruin the brand image with the impatient and fast goal of building the brand. 

  • Customer Analysis :

Before one proceeds for digital marketing and brand making, one has to take efforts to understand the customer base in order to know their preferences, choices, likes and dislikes and certainly the current trend. The company should be projected and marketed in such a way that it understands every customer individually by giving better options or replacements or even more personalized shopping.

  • Catering to Luxury :

UAE is a place comprising of mostly culturally and financially rich people.There is an elite class that believes in indulging with brand irrespective of the price. However, in order to reach out to this particular section of people, it is necessary to connect and engage with the premium target audience where they undergo unique experience instead of creating deals, offers or discounts. The premium audience should be able to resonate and identify with the brand. They should have the pride of being associated with the brand.

  • Respect the Traditional Moral and Value System :

It should be kept in mind that when being highly creative to attract people’s attention, one should not forget to be in limits while expressing one’s creativity. In other words, do not advertise or market any product or service in such a way that ends up hurting anyone’s feelings, beliefs, and sentiments. One should always respect the rules followed by a community of any region in UAE.

Thus, in this way, both the company as well as digital marketing agency can work in sync successfully when it comes to catering to the UAE market.

Digital marketing has now become a core part of reaching out to targeted customers where marketing and advertising have to be not only personalized and relevant but attract more new customers to buy and engage with the brand.

Also, digital marketing agencies both based in UAE and in other countries can be productive and successful as long as they can work in a systematic manner adhering to the cultural and business rules of UAE.

By Doors Studio - Digital Marketing Agency with Proven Results