Posted on May 25, 2022 by Doors Studio

steps in choosing the best erp system software

ERP is a software tool that we all use and that is the soul of any organization assisting in achieving objectives. Installing an appropriate ERP software can result in simpler, more exact, and leaner operations. An ERP assessment can help you analyze your business working and current ERP system. Selecting the best and most suitable ERP system is the most important decision we make. 
With cutting-edge analyses and mobile accessibility, a solid ERP will alter your organization.  When making your ERP selection criteria, keep the following aspects in mind-
1.    Business assessment: 
This is the most crucial step in which you need to develop a detailed list of requirements of ERP. ERP is more than just enhancement software that improves the functioning of any firm. A company that plans to implement an ERP solution should have a clear understanding of the projected benefits and come to an agreement on which the needs are definitely necessary. Implementing an ERP system in a non-viable firm can complicate and lengthen simple tasks. This eventually proves to be disastrous for the company’s health. Any organization that intends to install an ERP solution should have a clear understanding of its requirements.   

2.    Create an ERP selection team:
Choosing the finest ERP software for your organization is a team effort and cant be handled by a single person. ERP software selection should be a collaborative effort with representatives from several departments who should create a team to assess available possibilities in light of their own wishlists. 
3.    Assess and prioritize business requirements:
The chosen team should thoroughly examine the requirements of various departments' viewpoints and prioritize them accordingly. The demand and desires of each department should be factored into your ERP selection criteria. ERP procurement is an expensive endeavour, and crucial requirements must come first. Many firms opt for a Saas-based ERP that runs in the cloud. 

4.    Vendors should be narrowed down and DEMOs should be requested:
Following the scoring, the top vendors can be shortlisted and invited to live DEMOs. 
Live DEMOs assist a company in determining many components of the ERP software system, such as the user interface, graphs, overall appearance, analytics, and the amount of time it took to complete a task by navigating through various screens. 

5.    Complete the vendor selection process:
The organization’s budget may not allow for a very suitable solution with an extremely high cost. The selection committee must strike a compromise between the available budget and the ERP solution's ability to meet their requirements and select the ideal ERP solution that addresses both and offers the most value for money. 

6.    Contract award and roadmap development:
It’s necessary to create a roadmap for ERP software implementation which should be created once the vendor is chosen. The selection committee should thoroughly enquire about the implementation methodology and the timeline for implementation since ERPs hold a negative reputation for requiring a long time to adopt, making it a time-consuming procedure. 

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