Businesses crave sorted operations amongst their team. As with CRM and ERP, we place full strategy in place and go the extra mile to fulfil your company’s needs. Studying data, and handling sales, marketing, and client information helps you to make things easy. Consistency and regularity are the mantras we preach. With systematic and well-planned working order builds a repo for your company, staff members, as well as your clients.

Talking about unmatchable compatibility, welcome to the world of CRM & ERP. They help in providing a smooth flow of functionality and challenges that are faced by the brand through a centralized system. You've undoubtedly come across the phrases ERP and CRM floating around on several industry websites as a company professional. Some articles swap this terminology, making it challenging to comprehend CRM and ERP completely. In some respects, the two systems are similar, yet their primary functions are distinct.

The major difference between ERP and CRM is recognizable. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a financial and operational system utilised for enhancing the efficiency of corporate activities. It's a type of data collection, storage, management, and interpretation software that businesses can use to ensure consistency throughout an organisation’s operations. Whereas a CRM system is used to organize, automate, and coordinate the sales, marketing, and customer support functions. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a method of managing a company's interactions with present and future customers. 

What is ERP and CRM integration?

ERP and CRM integration refers to the process of linking and syncing your ERP and CRM applications. The goal of ERP and CRM integration is to guarantee that both systems communicate automatic and consistent information, resulting in a single source of truth. With a CRM on the front end, handling customer interactions and an ERP on the back end, managing business processes, you have an accurate view of customer information after an order is placed, including purchase history, shipping and billing data, and other financial information and supply chain management tools.

If you are looking for end-to-end visibility of your business, you can combine ERP and CRM solutions. You will get the aggregate information easily, regarding the connections with the clients. 

An integrated platform eliminates the possibility of encountering duplicate or erroneous data while also assisting in improving data-driven operations throughout your whole company’s ecosystem. Real-time data can be continually exchanged and utilized. Regardless of department, employees may get up-to-date information anytime they need to connect with or learn more about a client.

All of this might sound overwhelming and exciting at the same time, so give our team at Doors Studio a chance to help you unlock new avenues. We can help your business unleash efficiency and potential as you have never seen before. And it is not just us boasting about our result-driven performance. Have a look at our past projects as they speak for themselves! 

Let Doors Studio be an indispensable partner to your colossal leap of success. Contact our experts today to schedule an initial consultation session! 



1 What is ERP Software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is widely used for medium as well as large enterprises. ERP software is focused on the integration of business processes into single, streamlined database and user interface by offering various modules for the core business areas.

CRM software is a system that is used in the management of all the interactions with all the customers. The objective is to generate 360 degree view of the customer and their information at one place.

The main difference between ERP and CRM is that the CRM system manages the relationship between the organization and the client while the ERP system manages the relationship between the whole organization.

We at Doors Studio, have a highly experienced team of developers that build both Customer Relationship Management (Crm) Or Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Software, Keeping all your needs in the mind.

The cost of CRM software or ERM software varies depending on the need of the client and complexity of the project.

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